2 students expelled for separate incidents

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010 4:56 PM
Last updated 4:59 PM
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Three students were punished -- one after being criminally charged, one for intending to sell drugs and one for taking a pellet gun to school -- according to Richmond County tribunal findings made public Thursday.

A Westside High School student identified as R.B. was charged with two felony gun possession counts and one felony count of burglary of a non-residence. The student was suspended pending final disposition of the criminal matter, according to a Nov. 4 tribunal finding.

A Butler High School student had 16 bags of marijuana inside a sock in his book bag on Oct. 20. He was expelled for one school year and assigned to the Tubman Education Center Alternative Program for one school year, according to a Nov. 1 tribunal finding.

A Hornsby K-8 School pupil pointed pellet gun, which looked like a real handgun, into the back of another pupil at a bus stop on Oct. 19. He was expelled for one school year with the option to attend the alternative program in lieu of long-term suspension.

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corgimom 11/18/10 - 06:06 pm
Do you wonder why schools are

Do you wonder why schools are in the mess that they are in?

Bring drugs to school to sell, go to alternative school. Point a pellet gun at someone, go to alternative school. And then come back. Commit felonies in the community, get suspended.

They DIDN"T get expelled, they are going to go to alternative school, where they can complete their criminal apprenticeship, and then return to regular school with a ASB degree- as in anti-social behavior, they've already done the preliminary work.

maandpa 11/18/10 - 06:12 pm
The federal government

The federal government dictates that all students have a right to an education--unfortunately that is part of the problem. And the teachers and school suffers the consequences when they can't make AYP. When will the federal government make parents responsible.

dani 11/18/10 - 06:17 pm
16 bags of MJ? Where would a

16 bags of MJ? Where would a high schooler get that kind of money.
I don't know the cost of a bag but I think this needs further investigation.

PUPPYMOMMA 11/18/10 - 06:43 pm
How big are those socks? When

How big are those socks? When the kids are in high school and they commit serious offenses, they should not be taking up space in another school. Make them sign up for G.E.D. classes. GA is trying to count G.E.D.
students as graduates. Save time and money.

Asitisinaug 11/18/10 - 08:12 pm
Maandpa, the right to an

Maandpa, the right to an education ends when you violate the rights of others to obtain an education to include but not limited to violent acts of violations of the law on campus.

You simply need leaders with backbones in your local system who will remove the trouble makers, period. Your number one problem in the Richmond County School System (other than the out of control students) is Pete Fletcher and his weak liberal views of the law. This is also the reason we simply shift teachers and administrators who should be fired instead of given less responsiblity at the same salary.

The system is in a huge mess from lack of discipline at ALL levels - remove the students who are not in school to learn and remove the employees failing to do their jobs. Unfortunately, the BOE worries more about how to get more tax revenues, grants, buildings, etc. instead of education the youth of America who wish to learn and doing so at the best expense possible.

Give us School Vouchers and our youth will be educated far better at far less expense.

Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 11/18/10 - 09:13 pm
Asitisinaug, you know too

Asitisinaug, you know too much for your own good.

double_standard 11/18/10 - 11:31 pm
Criticize the federal

Criticize the federal government all you want their just following the guidelines of No Child Left Behind. Thanks W.

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