S.C. schools win $3.9M special education grant

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COLUMBIA - The South Carolina Education Department has been awarded a $3.9 million federal grant to improve achievement among students with disabilities.

The Education Department said Monday that the five-year grant will let the state expand training for teachers who work with students with special needs.

The training program will include the use of coaches and mentors for special education teachers, financial assistance for local training programs and setting up model schools.

Monday's grant is one of a half-dozen awards totaling almost $80 million that the state has won in the past five weeks.

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Taylor B
Taylor B 10/11/10 - 07:27 pm
"Wins." Getting your own tax

"Wins." Getting your own tax money back is considered a win now.

flipa 10/11/10 - 08:18 pm
Ronnie told me today when he

Ronnie told me today when he confirmed our cops hours being cut back that the RC "BORED" of education (yes i know how i spelled it) took up to 68% of EVERY property tax dollar you pay. WOW! We could send out vouchers to every parent and give the millions we save to pay for more and better cops, cause we REALY need them. What good is schooling our kids only to see them getting killed off?

corgimom 10/11/10 - 08:57 pm
Flipa, let me break the news

Flipa, let me break the news to you- regardless of what "Ronnie" told you, Richmond County is not in South Carolina.

Asitisinaug 10/12/10 - 12:51 am
Richmond County may not be in

Richmond County may not be in SC but the point can be made everywhere. Many public schools, including our, are failures and if they were businesses, they would be closed. School vouchers are certainly a step in the right direction as school choice would put many bad schools out of business, as they should be. Private Schools (even in NYC) spend up to 50% less than public schools and yeild far better results. I am fine with public schools but not they way they are set up now and then only thing done to ever improve them is to throw more money at the problem. The same goes for our jails and the amount of money we spend housing prisoners - they don't deserve or need 1/2 of what they have in prisons and between the two, I would rather see more money in schools vs. prisons. Public schools also fail to hold their students acountable anymore, discipline is a joke - ask just about any teacher. Without proper discipline and school safety, learning will never take place.

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