Two tornadoes struck Sunday, weather service says

Monday, March 29, 2010 4:35 PM
Last updated 6:01 PM
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A super-cell thunderstorm unleashed two tornadoes in the area Sunday, including a category EF2 twister that downed trees and damaged homes along Martintown Road in Edgefield County.

What appears to be a funnel cloud is on the horizon of this photo taken Sunday in North Augusta.  SPECIAL
What appears to be a funnel cloud is on the horizon of this photo taken Sunday in North Augusta.
Susan McCord
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The first tornado, spotted by ham radio operators around 5:25 p.m. Sunday as it formed from a wall cloud in Columbia County, touched down across the river in Edgefield County, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Naglic.

The EF1 storm, with winds up to 110 mph, was probably on the ground for about two minutes, striking a mile-long path from Woodlawn Road north into Sumter National Forest, Naglic said.

A second tornado also touched down in Edgefield County, just south of Garrett Road at Martintown Road around 10:30 p.m.

This EF2 storm, with winds estimated at 115 mph, tore the roof off a home, sent trees falling onto a house and motor home and downed or snapped the tops from many more trees, Naglic said.

Its path a quarter-mile wide, the tornado was on the ground for three miles, he said.

The same storm touched down again in Batesburg-Leesville, S.C., where it was on the ground for six miles, damaging several homes and causing one minor injury, he said.

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Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 03/29/10 - 05:39 pm
Okay, the VERY selfish and

Okay, the VERY selfish and immature side of me has something to complain about the way the local TV weathermen handled this reporting thing! I had taped a 2-hour show last night on channel 26. During that show, the weathermen came on a few times with a minute or 2 of reporting..which is fine. But, once during both hours, they had a break from the show of no less than 30 minutes EACH HOUR! Now, I fully realize the seriousness of the situation, but for them to go on and on for over 30 minutes, explaining, describing, and practically instructing us on how their fancy computer weather programs work is just ridiculous. And then he came back on in the next hour and taught for ANOTHER 30 minutes!?!? Couldn't he have just made a concise 5 or 10 minutes report...and then get off?!?! The answer is yes, he could have..that is, IF the guy on Channel 12 was doing the same thing, but he wasn't! I'm afraid it's more about ratings that it is about reporting.

cowgirl2 03/29/10 - 06:06 pm
I am so truly sorry that your

I am so truly sorry that your program was interupted and that you thought it was ridiculous. While you claim to know the seriousness of this broadcast, how would you feel if your daughter, son-in-law and 2 week old grandbaby called you and said,"our house has just been hit by a tornado!!" So upset she could hardly talk and explaining that the only way they knew they were in trouble was they saw it on channel 26. They litterly lost half their roof, buildings, windows and water inside the house. What if they had been watching a movie or program during the split second it took to destroy their home, they could have been killed. You are right to say the VERY selfish and immature side of you!! Thanks Channel 26 for the warning that possiblity saved their lives.

Just MY opinion.............I hope you can only be so lucky to be watching the weather if you get in trouble.

pommom38 03/29/10 - 07:58 pm
Selfish and immature don't

Selfish and immature don't even come close.
There was NOTHING on tv last night more important than people's lives and property! You recorded a show, big whoop.. So did I.. Had two show's with content missing due to the weather reports. Guess what? It's called on demand.. I pretty much know what *show* you were recording, and know that it is on demand. So stop your whining and learn what the buttons on the remote stand for.
Praise God that none of YOUR family or friends were injured or loss anything, THANKS to the reporters.

Augusta resident
Augusta resident 03/29/10 - 08:04 pm
If you have ever watched Jeff

If you have ever watched Jeff Rucker, he is bsing while he is looking for a funnel cloud. Then when he sees one he tells people in that area to take cover. He's not afraid to say tornadoe while others try to say it was a microburst the next day.

Chillen 03/29/10 - 08:22 pm
Some people don't have on

Some people don't have on demand but they can watch it online. These days you never really "miss" a show.

Personally I think a lot of the information could have been scrolled at the bottom of the screen. It was a little much. Plus if anyone is super concerned by what they see or hear they can turn to the weather channel (101 on Comcast). It shows continual radar & weather updates.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 03/29/10 - 09:21 pm
Hey, I said realized I was

Hey, I said realized I was being selfish and immature, didn't I? Glad nobody was hurt at your child's house, cow.

AugustaVoter 03/29/10 - 10:07 pm
As a native of North Texas,

As a native of North Texas, having seen thousands of these alerts. I can somewhat agree with what JMO said at the beginning. There is no reason to go on and on about an unconfirmed tornado. But I have seen the big city weathermen do the same thing so...

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