Search continues in kerosene case

The search continued today for two customers who inadvertently received gasoline when they thought they were buying kerosene from the Pumpkin Center store near Harlem.


The mixup occurred during the weekend when a supplier mistakenly pumped 1,000 gallons of gasoline into a tank used for kerosene. Three customers subsequently pumped a total of nine gallons.

One of those customers pumped four gallons - and returned to the store to report that it was gas, not kerosene, said Columbia County Emergency Services Director Pam Tucker.

The identities of the other two customers remain unknown, and anyone who knows them should contact authorities, or let those people know they should not use the kerosene, which could explode if used in a kerosene heater.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture notified county officials today it was sending an inspector to the store and would sample the tank after the supplier completed the removal of the gasoline.

"They will keep it locked down and out of service until they get samples that assure all gasoline is out of the tank," Tucker said, reiterating that the biggest priority is identifying whoever bought the gasoline that remains unaccounted for.




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