Facebook page criticizing Obama not his, Aiken GOP leader says

AIKEN – Authorities are investigating the creation of a Facebook account placed under the name of a local GOP officer.


David Lobb, Aiken County Republican Party vice chairman, said someone created an account using his name and image that defamed President Barack Obama. Aiken County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Secret Service are investigating the case, Lobb said.

“When somebody puts comments like “Obama is a terrorist” and “A black man in the White House can’t run anything,” people are thinking “How in the world can this kook be the vice chairman of the Republican Party?,” he said this morning. “I may not be his favorite friend when it comes to politics, but I don’t do things like that.”

A party member informed him of the fake account Wednesday morning. By lunchtime Wednesday, the page had been erased, he said. He does have a Facebook page, but he rarely uses it. Lobb said he is uncertain how long the fake page was active.

“”Whoever did it had enough knowledge of me to make it look real with real photos from local events,” he said. “It magically disappeared, but I know once something’s in cyberspace, it’s there forever.”

Lobb said the Secret Service is leading the investigation, but he has filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

Lobb said his main concern is that the page dishonors his long Army military service, his party and the president.

“I don’t want to disrespect the office (presidential) whether I agree with him or not,” he said. “It disrespects the GOP as well.”



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