Security measures always in place, Fort Gordon says

A day after the worst mass shooting at a military base in the United States, officials at Fort Gordon said they could not discuss whether the incident at Fort Hood, Texas, has led to any security changes on post.


“If you should see something a little different, well then you see something a little different,” said Marla Jones, spokeswoman for Fort Gordon. “There will be changes that from time to time you can see, and changes you can’t see. We don’t talk about the reasons and that’s always been the case.”

Thirteen are reported dead and many more injured after an Army psychiatrist said to be stressed by his pending deployment, opened fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood Thursday afternoon.

Ms. Jones said Fort Gordon, like all military bases, has plans and procedures in place to both respond and prevent such actions.

Any kind of shooting at Fort Gordon would face a “multitude of responses,” including action by the post’s Military Policemen and quick reaction team. A plans-and-operations team monitors the post via video cameras 24-hours a day as well, she said.

No changes have been announced in regards to traffic in and out of the fort, Ms. Jones told The Chronicle on Thursday.


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