Alleged "black widow" denies she killed husbands in documentary

In a documentary that aired Tuesday on British TV, the Augusta grandmother arrested for the murder of her fourth husband called her accusers “nuts” and denied getting any substantial monetary gain from the death of her husbands.


A BBC story about Betty Neumar, the 77-year-old grandmother awaiting trial for allegedly hiring someone to kill her fourth husband more than two decades ago, said she was prepared to forgive those who have made accusations against her.

The 55-minute documentary takes viewers through the history of Ms. Neumar’s five marriages and the deaths of those men. It aired Tuesday night on the BBC but is not yet available to watch outside Great Britain.

Since her arrest in Augusta, Ms. Neumar has refused interview requests by American media. In her interview with the BBC , Ms. Neumar denies all of the accusations against her. She said she was separated from her first husband, Clarence Malone, for 18 years when he was shot to death in 1970. James Flynn, husband two, froze to death in a truck in New York City, she claims. Her third husband, Richard Sills, committed suicide with a shotgun in their Florida home in 1965 after the two had reportedly been arguing. Ms. Neumar tells the producers that he grabbed the gun and shot himself, adding that he had been drinking at the time.

Ms. Neumar was arrested on charges of killing her fourth husband, Harold Gentry, but denies these accusations as well. Mr. Gentry died from multiple gunshot wounds in his Norwood, N.C., home in 1986. She has repeatedly said she was in Augusta at the time of his death.

And husband five, John Neumar, died of sepsis, an illness caused by a bacterial infection of the body’s blood and tissues, in Augusta in 2007.

More than a year after her arrest, authorities in North Carolina have yet to set a trial date for Ms. Neumar.



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