"Saggy" pants policy moves forward

A committee of the Richmond County school board agreed today to allow the board attorney to begin drafting a policy that would address those who wear "saggy pants" to extracurricular school events.


The direction was given to school board attorney Pete Fletcher at the urging of school board member Venus Cain after Mr. Fletcher informed board members that it would be legal to restrict entry to school events such as football games to those who have pants sagging so low their underwear is exposed.

"We can enforce our dress code whenever there's a school function, so that’s an easy answer," Mr. Fletcher said, but quickly added, "The question is who’s going to enforce it?"

Some board members said the school system's public safety department as well as school administrators should be allowed to enforce it, restricting entry to anyone whose pants sag so low their underwear is exposed.

Already, there is a system wide policy restricting saggy pants that show a student's underwear during classes. It's up to individual principals as to whether students must also tuck in their shirts. The proposed policy for school events outside school classes doesn't address shirt tucking.

The proposal was made in today's committee meeting by board vice president Alex Howard, who said he had noticed in some football games problems with students wearing sagging pants.



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