Report made public today outlines bribery case

A Richmond County Sheriff’s report maintains a local attorney offered a contract to operate the parking deck of the proposed downtown trade, exhibit and exhibition center.

David Fry, 57, was arrested at his home on Indian Cove Road off Berckmans Road on Tuesday on charges that he tried to bribe Mayor Pro Tem Alvin Mason and Commissioner Corey Johnson to change their votes to fund the $38 million center.

According to the report made public today, Mr. Fry approached Mr. Mason and Mr. Johnson and offered them “the contract to operate a parking deck to the TEE Center in exchange for the complainant and victim’s votes for the TEE Center.”

Commissioners and city officials have previously said the two commissioners were offered posts in a management company, yet to be established, that would operate the deck. Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength said at a press conference Tuesday that Mr. Fry called Mr. Mason and Mr. Johnson on Aug. 21 and set up a meeting.

The two went to Mr. Fry's home and heard the attorney propose his plan, the sheriff said.



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