Comcast rolling out more channels, services for Augusta

Comcast is rolling out new HD channels and more services on Sept. 2.


The cable, Internet and telephone company will launch 39 new HD channels in September and October, in addition to higher Internet speeds, more digital voice services and video on demand, said Abu Khan, the vice president and general manager of Comcast in Augusta.

“This is the culmination of a year and a half project that we’ve been doing,” Mr. Khan said today. “We’re bringing more. We call this the World of More. Our customers want more, they expect more. They want more high speed Internet, digital voice services, HD channels, new programming, video on demand.”

Comcast is switching its expanded basic channels from analog to digital, so these customers will need a digital adapter box to access the new channels, said marketing manager Tina Baggott. All customers will receive two complimentary digital adapters to transition to digital viewing.

“These 39 new channels are coming free based on your level of service. If you’re on a lower level service and you want some of the services on the higher level, you just need to upgrade to the higher level of service. Most of the channels that we’re introducing are digital starter level channels,” Mrs. Baggott said.

Limited basic customers, however, will not receive the new digital channels, she explained.

Comcast is also introducing new sports programming, including ESPN U, NHL Network and MLB Network channels.

In addition, Comcast will double Internet speeds for most existing customers at no additional charge, Mr. Khan said.

Additional new services will include a plan that enables customers to send text messages from their home telephone and an enhanced cordless telephones, which is Internet and telephone service built into one.



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