SC has received over $400 million in stimulus money so far

South Carolina Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom announced today that agencies and programs in his state have now received $442 million in federal stimulus money.

The breakdown of those funds, according to a release, are as follows: Governor’s office, $12,051,772; Lt. Governor’s office, $222,372; Department of Commerce, $2,689,009; Department of Education, $17,178,039; Department of Health and Environmental Control, $2,319,928; Department of Health and Human Services, $309,522,688; Department of Public Safety, $23,154,268; Department of Social Services, $8,611,027; Department of Transportation, $23,782; and the Employment Security Commission, $66,244,684.

In the release, the comptroller questions the effectiveness of the stimulus so far, noting that “ It becomes clearer by the week that the stimulus isn’t having the impact that was promised.

“There are lots of valid concerns that the stimulus spending isn’t being directed toward things that will create jobs, and that the economic downturn was simply used to expand government,” he stated in the release. “And, of course, Congress has no money available for any of this. They’re financing this spending with run-away debt, and they’re expecting our children to take on this trillion dollar debt for us.”



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