Superintendent to try out new tractor

Richmond County school Superintendent Dana Bedden will roll up his sleeves and mount a tractor Wednesday to demonstrate one way the school system hopes to save money.


The new Kubota M7040 tractors are enclosed and have air conditioning, making it possible for maintenance employees to work longer and take fewer breaks, according to the school system.

The enclosed environment should also reduce the number of employees who get sick and file workers’ comp claims because of the dust kicked up by the tractors.

The new tractors have 70-horsepower engines and 15-foot-wide cutting implements. One person on the tractor and new implement will cut four times the grass as before. In comparison, the previous method involved two people on two lawn tractors.

The school system will continue to use the smaller lawn tractors for trimming and in tight areas.

At 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dr. Bedden will make a few passes on the football field at Lucy C. Laney High School’s stadium.



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