Coming Sunday: A local study looks at python migration

Chris Thelen/staff
J.D. Willson with the University of Georgia and Savannah River Ecology Laboratory watches a Burmese Python slither into brush after realeasing it in a specially designed snake enclosure at SREL Saturday June 27, 2009. A chip has been implanted in the snakes and they will be tracked and studied for a year.

Here come the pythons.

Yes, many of those really big snakes - once the most exotic of pets -- have slithered into the wilds of Florida. And just like fire ants and armadillos, scientists are afraid they could eventually migrate to Georgia.

Coming Sunday, we report on the Savannah River Ecology Lab's effort to study how big, cold-blooded snakes could make it this far north.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Read all about it on Sunday.



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