Agency issues alert for fake Security Federal cashier's checks

AIKEN -- A bank in Aiken has notified federal authorities of some counterfeit cashier’s checks that are in circulation, bearing the bank’s name.

According to an alert report issued this week by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Security Federal Bank, on Richland Avenue, has reported that there are three versions of the counterfeit cashier’s checks, with a routing number of 253271822.

A first version “displays an ornate design along the top and side borders,” the alert states, adding that it has the words “Cashier’s Check” inside a rectangular box within the top border.

A second version “is similar to authentic cashier’s checks; however, the items display a dark solid border along the top embedded with a security feature statement,” according to the alert. In that case, “Cashier’s Check” is in the top center.

The final version has thinner ornate top and side borders and a security feature on the top border. According to the FDIC, an authentic cashier’s check will have a light green or light blue background, the bank’s name, logo and address in the top left corner and the words “Cashier’s Check” an indemnification requirements for lost, stolen or misplaced checks in the lower left corner.


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