Who was Justin Elmore?

Before his death in December, Justin Elmore was no stranger to the Richmond County court system or its jail.


Although never arrested in a violent crime, Mr. Elmore had been charged with three felony drug cases and 12 different misdemeanor cases.

He spent time in jail, but never for very long because most of those offenses involved either drug possession or traffic violations.

Mr. Elmore owed more than $5,000 in fines on his felony drug convictions and thousands more from his misdemeanor cases.



Justin L. Elmore's criminal history from age 17 to 23:

NOV. 26, 2002: Arrest on misdemeanor obstruction charge for running from officer

DEC. 3, 2002: Charged with giving a false name

JUNE 25, 2003: Charged with obstruction for running from drug agent

OCT. 22, 2003: Charged with possession of marijuana, obstruction and giving a false name after struggling with a deputy while trying to hide a marijuana cigarette in his mouth

DEC. 29, 2003: Charged with theft by receiving, speeding, driving without a license and disorderly conduct after being stopped for speeding; theft charge dismissed in 2004

SEPT. 3, 2004: Charged with speeding and driving without a license

JAN. 27, 2005: Charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and violating open container law; he was passenger in car stopped for speeding

DEC. 19, 2005: Charged with possession of cocaine with intent to resell and theft by receiving a stolen 9 mm handgun

APRIL 27, 2006: Traffic stop for improper windshield tint and driving without a license

JUNE 30, 2006: Arrested for driving without a valid license, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and possession of Ecstasy

AUG. 4, 2006: Arrested for possession of cocaine; released on bond

SEPT. 5, 2006: Bench warrant issued for his arrest after he doesn't appear for arraignment

OCT. 4, 2006: Pleads guilty to three pending felony cases. Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet sentences him to five years' probation under the First Offender Act and sets fine and surcharges at $5,550

JUNE 28, 2007: Probation officer files revocation petition because Mr. Elmore had not reported since January or paid on his fines and fees

AUG. 8, 2007: Arrested for speeding and driving without a license

AUG. 15, 2007: Judge signs order to release Mr. Elmore from jail; payment on his fine is made and he is returned to probation

SEPT. 11, 2007: Charged with driving without a license

OCT. 19, 2007: Probation officer files petition asking judge to revoke the First Offender sentence because of arrest on traffic offenses and because he didn't report to probation, do community service or stay employed

NOV. 11, 2007: Judge returns him to probation, increasing the supervision to "intensive" probation

JAN. 29: Charged with seat belt violation and driving without a license

MARCH 26: Driving movement violation, failure to stop after an accident, driving without insurance and without a driver's license

APRIL 21: Traffic ticket because of speedometer not working

AUG. 24: Arrested on charges of possession of cocaine with intent to resell and misdemeanor offenses of possession of marijuana and obstruction

AUG. 27: Judge signs order releasing him from jail; probation officer concurs.

OCT. 29: Judge Overstreet revokes First Offender status. No hearing date is set to determine whether the probation sentence should be changed to a prison sentence.

Source: Richmond County state and superior court records



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