SRS announces grant winners

More than 80 projects have been chosen by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions to receive a share of $50,000 in 2009 Innovative Teaching Mini Grants to be distributed by the Savannah River Site contractor.


The winners were announced this morning.

A committee reviewed 193 grant proposals submitted this year for the program, which recognizes and supports innovative teaching methods by funding projects that enhance elementary and middle school science, mathematics and technology programs.

Educators from all Central Savannah River Area public elementary and middle schools are eligible to apply for grants in one of three categories: $500, $750 or $1,000. SRNS is committed to supporting its education partners by sponsoring programs that facilitate the delivery of math, science and technology curricula, while increasing educational opportunities for students in the CSRA.

All applicants will be honored at a reception on Thursday, April 30, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Newberry Hall, 117 Newberry Street, Aiken, SC, where awards will officially be presented.

Winners of $1000 Grants

Kathleen Hiers, Busbee Elementary, Got Geometry?

Alice Norman, McBean Elementary, Mastering Math Every Morning

Suzanne Redd, Millbrook Elementary, The Money Pit

Martin Cota, East Aiken Elementary, The Graph Club

Traci Nelson, Aiken Elementary, Lions and Tigers and Bears…Say Cheese!

Alicia Miller, Lewiston Elementary, Math Magicians

Bonnie Herskowitz, Tutt Middle, Graphing Collaboration

Richard Nelson, Schofield Middle, Let’s Talk to the World, and Beyond

Shari Huiet, W.E.Parker Elementary, Cookin’ with Chemistry

Winners of $750 Grants

Margaret Fussel, Aiken Middle, Germs Go To School

Todd Moore, Aiken Elementary, “WII” Can Be Fit Together

Cynthia DeFillips, Aiken Elementary, Proud of Me and Bully Free

Allison Jones Brown, Leavelle McCambell, Show What You Know With Senteo!

Julie Gartmen, A.L. Corbett Middle, Read It, Do It – Literature-based Hands-On Math

Jennifer Rice, W.E. Parker Elementary, Math Explorers: Let’s Play Games and Find Out

Winners of $500 Grants

Margaret Brown, Aiken Middle, “Water” You Doing About Conservation & Pollution?Kimberly Griffis, Amy Wilkin, Celeste Tanton, Charlotte Mamatey, Gloverville Elementary, Wacky Weather Jennifer Coffey, Aiken Middle, Solar EXCELerator

Agnes Hobson, Oakwood-Windsor Elementary, The Scientific Method in the Fairy Tale Forest

Judith Boyd, Gloverville Elementary, Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Using Manipulatives in Math

Roberta Burkhart, April Klugh, Janice Jackson, Gloverville Elementary, Math and Science in a Bag

Davina Truitt, Busbee Elementary, Survival of the Luckiest: The Probability of Fractions and Limiting Factors

Lyanne Haislip, Kennedy Middle, Throw a Touchdown PASS (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards) in 2010

April Smith, Barnwell Primary, “GAME”tastic Math Facts!

Darlene Belton, Kristin Manuel, Melissa Dupree, Lakeside Middle, Laboratory Investigation and “Frog Dissection”

Allison Palfy, Cedar Ridge Elementary, Step Up to the Challenge: Building Muscle in Math

Vanessa Stone, East Aiken Elementary, Mathematical Moments

Cathy Young, Millbrook Elementary, Dig a Little Deeper!

Karey Santos, Millbrook Elementary, Light Up My Life!

Anne Harper, Millbrook Elementary, Rock My World - Becoming Junior Geologists

Marsha Stark, Millbrook Elementary, Shape Up With Geometry

Ann Stauffer, Millbrook Elementary, Time Is Money

Laura Christenbury, Millbrook Elementary, “No Child Left Inside” – Outdoor Science Lab

Kellar Hastings, Millbrook Elementary, Recycle, Reuse, Repair and Renew

Tammy Travis, Millbrook Elementary, Math & Science Matters in the Kitchen

Heather Hatton-Key, North Augusta Elementary, MAP Masters!

Lisa Newman, Paul Knox Middle School, Weather or Not

Patricia Wilson, Aiken Elementary, Learning Math through Hands-On Exploration

Mistie Osborne, Aiken Elementary, Little Scientists

Melissa Ouzts, Aiken Elementary, The Circle of Life

Lisa Richberg, Aiken Elementary, The Cost of Time

Kathy Samaha, Aiken Elementary, Yes, I am Mad About Math!

Kristy Sirmans, Aiken Elementary, When I Grow Up: Discovering Life Cycles

Rebecca Jackson, Aiken Elementary, Shaping Up

Carla Kerrigan, Aiken Elementary, Trash to Treasures

Leslie Martin, Aiken Elementary, Hooked on Science

Stacey Meade, Aiken Elementary, Let’s Give Math a Hand!

Cynthia Ivey, Aiken Elementary, Dig in the Dirt

Jessica Icenhour, Aiken Elementary, Count on Math

Jennifer Dziengielewski, Aiken Elementary, Schoolyard Ecology

Beth Eberhard, Aiken Elementary, No Child Inside

Dawn Fea, Aiken Elementary, A Technological and Interactive Approach to the /r/ Phoneme

April Gattis, Aiken Elementary, Leap into Reading and Science

Francine Alsbrooks, Aiken Elementary, It’s About Time

Charlene Aycox, Aiken Elementary, X=Hands-On Algebra

Lucindo Battisto, Aiken Elementary, Scientific Reading

Anne Blackwell, Aiken Elementary, Hey Mom, Science is Important to Musicians Too!

Janet Blanks, Aiken Elementary, S.T.A.R.S (Success Through Actively Reading Success)

Erin Bradberry, Aiken Elementary, Math Marvels

Penny Browner, Aiken Elementary, I HAVE AN EYE ON YOU!

Stephanie Camp, Aiken Elementary, We’ve Got Problems…Real Problems

Lisa Carroll, Aiken Elementary, Multiplication Mania

Sarah Cooler, Aiken Elementary, Improving Speech Intelligibility of Aprax Children with the Kaufman Treatment Method

L. Leroy Walker, New Ellenton Middle, Don’t Make Me Sick: Understanding that our Hands Transmit Disease

Alice Blair, New Ellenton Middle, 3-D in a 2-D World

Latonia Evans, Leavelle McCampbell Middle, Making Math Meaningful with Geometer’s Sketchpad

Karen Cue, Leavelle McCampbell Middle, How Do I Scale It?

Marsha Peacock, Leavelle McCampbell Middle, “Jeopardy!” Rocks

Brishundra Berry, Leavelle McCampbell Middle, Making Algebra Child’s Play

Brittney Gregory, Hammond Hill Elementary, No Child Left Behind

Danielle Winburn, Hammond Hill Elementary, Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?

Lisa Barilow, Hammond Hill Elementary, “Centers Stage”

Kelly Panke, Maureen Troxler, Laura Brooks, Allison Davis, Lewiston Elementary, Honk if You Love Math - BEEP BEEP!

Jody Scott, Lewiston, Lewiston Elementary, Super Science Spring Fling

Dawn Campbell, Clearwater Elementary, Old Mother Hubbard…What’s In Our Cupboard?

Uyen Griffis, Clearwater Elementary, The Magic of My Smartboards

Ann Taylor, Clearwater Elementary, Leap Frog Into Math

Allison Newbegin, Clearwater Elementary, Exploration Station

David Brinkley, Millbrook Elementary, Heart Smart!

Traci Smith, Belvedere Elementary, Learn with Legos

Linda Smith, Jackson Middle, What’s Hot! What’s Not!

Kellie Spearman, Riverside Elementary, I CAN See it NOW!

Elizabeth Toole, Langford Middle, Reconnect with Nature: A Schoolyard Garden

Susan Weiksner, Greenbrier Middle, Trash to Treasure

Susan McCullough, Aiken Middle, “Fraud” The Art of Forgery

Scott Williams, Deer Chase Elementary, Plant and Animal Life Cycles

Donna Black, Johnston Elementary, Construction! Building! Fun of Hands-on Learning!

Beth Meyer, North Augusta Elementary, Hands-On



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