Sheriff's officers making arrests on street sales of Masters tickets

At least 14 out-of-towners were arrested today, charged with disorderly conduct in the sale of Masters Tournament tickets outside the gates of Augusta National Golf Club.


Lt. Scott Gay of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said at least 14 were charged today and 25 Masters badges were seized, he said.

Some of those arrested were being booked into the Richmond County Jail this afternoon.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office added more patrol around Gate 6 at the Augusta National today due to reports of harassment from scalpers, said Lt. Scott Gay.

Scalpers have bombarded the entrance to the Augusta National waiting to buy tickets from exiting patrons since Monday. Some patrons do not realize it’s illegal to re-sell their tickets, Lt. Gay said.

“Some would just give them away, because they’re not using them,” he said. “Other patrons sale them without knowing it’s violation.”

One Masters’ badge can sale for as little as $30 to as much as $200, Lt. Gay said.

State law prohibits people from selling tickets within 2,700 feet of a public venue.


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