Thurmond Dam water flow into Savannah River halted Sunday

Flows from Thurmond Dam into the Savannah River were halted Sunday after heavy rains downstream offered an opportunity to conserve water in Thurmond Lake.

“We stopped the outflows from the dam on Sunday after we saw that inflows at Stevens Creek were approaching 9,000 cubic feet per second,” corps spokesman Billy Birdwell said. Stevens Creek enters the Savannah between Augusta and Thurmond Dam.

The heavy rainfall kept the lower river full with ample water for industries and municipal intakes. Shutting down the dam helps restore water levels in the reservoir.

Mr. Birdwell said flows from the dam will resume later today. “It will end up being about a 24-hour period that it was shut down,” he said.

The drought stricken lake, with a normal full pool of 330 feet above sea level, was at 323.55 this morning. It had fallen as low as 316.15 in late February.



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