It takes less than 24 hours for SRS tour offer to fill up slots

Think the toughest ticket in town is to the Masters? Try booking a tour of Savannah River Site.


Within 24 hours of announcing a pilot program offering public tours of top-secret facility, all 300 slots have been booked.

“Because of the popularity of the site tour program in the past we were not surprised at all that there would be a lot of interest in the renewal of the program, at least on a pilot basis,” said Jim Gaver, spokesman for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the site’s management contractor. “All 300 positions have been filled very quickly.”

The tours, announced Monday and filled by this morning, include visits to Dunbarton and Ellenton – entire towns relocated to make way for the 310-square-mile nuclear weapons materials plant that was built in the 1950s. The three-hour tours also include a guided glimpse into the site’s role in Cold War weapons production.

Mr. Gaver said the six now-filled tours in March are a pilot program that – if successful – could yield more tours on a more regular basis in the future.

“That’s our intention, to offer more,” he said. “Hopefully things will go smoothly with these visits, and we’re quite certain they will. We’ve worked closely with site security to meet everyone’s needs and requirements.”

Before additional tours are scheduled, SRS officials will evaluate the ones held in March to see what might be added to make them better.

“Before we go into a mature tour program we watned to make sure our routes were correct and the narration we will be giving as the bus makes the stops are appropriate,” he said.



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