Condom blitz coming to SC, Ga.

Animal-themed condoms -- 100,000 of them -- are coming to all 50 states, including socially conservative Georgia and South Carolina, as part of an Arizona-based conservation group’s effort to highlight human overpopulation.


One local volunteer is Aiken resident Jennie Beam-Batte.

She said mankind has been irresponsible it managing the planet, and that’s why she decided to get involved in the Center for Biological Diversity’s campaign to draw attention to the world population reaching 7 billion next month.

“I am not against families having kids. My thoughts might be, if you want to have three kids, have two and adopt one,” said Beam-Batte, who is one of 16 volunteer distributors in the Palmetto State.

“I am wanting to reach out to people who have sex without thinking of the outcome, for example, (the creation of) a child and the environmental impact,” she said.

The condoms, which are still being shipped to the 1,200 volunteers nationwide, come in six different packages with original artwork and provocative slogans. They are expected to show up in stores, bars, colleges, workplaces and other locations.

The animals portrayed included the polar bear, jaguar, snail darter, spotted owl, coquí guajón rock frog and American burying beetle, according to a release from the center.

The beetle condoms, for example, urge users to “Cover your tweedle, save the burying beetle.”

“Extinction rates for plants and animals around the globe have been accelerating while the growing human footprint consumes land, water and other natural resources,” according to the center’s release.

The traditional-values organization Palmetto Family is not amused.

“Clearly, as humans, we have responsibility for stewardship of creation,” said Oran Smith, President & CEO of Palmetto Family.

“But to assume that there are too many of us? And that we are squeezing animals out of existence? ... This is not to mention that reduced fertility means fewer workers to pay for retirees,” he said.

“Sure, disconnecting sex from values by passing out condoms isn’t consistent with our values, but in this case it looks like a side gimmick,” added Smith.

“After all, sex sells.”


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