19 dead dogs found dumped in Burke

Burke County authorities are investigating the killing of 19 dogs whose carcasses were piled onto a tarp and dumped near Midville, Ga.

“Whoever did this just executed them,’ said Jesse Burke, the county’s public works director, whose workers found the dogs Monday along Old Wadley Road.

The dogs all appeared to be the same breed and many of them had visible bullet wounds. Public Works employees later buried them.

“These weren’t trashy dogs, like you see running in packs as strays,” Burke said. “They were not abused-looking and seemed well taken care of.”

He did not recognize them as a particular breed, but said they did not appear to be hunting dogs. “They were all the same color, kind of a solid white with some curly hair in the end.”

Investigators believe the dogs had been piled into a tarp in a pickup truck. The tarp was left behind as the carcasses were dumped along the public dirt road.

“They were from little puppies with the eyes not even open up through grown pregnant dogs and there was one male,” Burke said. “It was very sad.”

A reward fund was started with $200 donated by Burke, but so far, authorities have not determined who the dogs belonged to or why they were killed.

Anyone with information about the dogs should contact the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, 706-554-2133.





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