RiverHawks season schedule released

The schedule for the Augusta RiverHawks inaugural 2010-11 season was released on Wednesday. The 56-game schedule includes 28 home games, 22 of which are on Friday or Saturday nights.

Prior to the start of the season, the RiverHawks will play a home and away exhibition series with the Fayetteville FireAntz. Augusta's training camp squad will travel to Fayetteville on Oct. 15 and return to Augusta for its first exhibition home game on Oct. 16.

The first game, against the Louisiana Ice Gators, will take place on Oct. 22, with the puck dropping at 7:30 p.m.

FridayOctober 22, 2010LouisianaRiverHawks
SaturdayOctober 23, 2010KnoxvilleRiverHawks
FridayOctober 29, 2010FayettevilleRiverHawks
SaturdayOctober 30, 2010ColumbusRiverHawks
ThursdayNovember 4, 2010HuntsvilleRiverHawks
FridayNovember 5, 2010RiverHawksKnoxville
SaturdayNovember 6, 2010FayettevilleRiverHawks
ThursdayNovember 11, 2010RiverHawksHuntsville
FridayNovember 12, 2010RiverHawksMississippi
SaturdayNovember 13, 2010RiverHawksMississippi
ThursdayNovember 18, 2010HuntsvilleRiverHawks
FridayNovember 19, 2010RiverHawksKnoxville
SaturdayNovember 20, 2010RiverHawksKnoxville
ThursdayNovember 25, 2010RiverHawksFayetteville
FridayNovember 26, 2010FayettevilleRiverHawks
SaturdayNovember 27, 2010RiverHawksPensacola
FridayDecember 3, 2010RiverHawksFayetteville
SaturdayDecember 4, 2010MississippiRiverHawks
FridayDecember 10, 2010ColumbusRiverHawks
SaturdayDecember 11, 2010FayettevilleRiverHawks
FridayDecember 17, 2010MississippiRiverHawks
SaturdayDecember 18, 2010ColumbusRiverHawks
SaturdayDecember 25, 2010RiverHawksFayetteville
SundayDecember 26, 2010HuntsvilleRiverHawks
TuesdayDecember 28, 2010RiverHawksColumbus
ThursdayDecember 30, 2010RiverHawksPensacola
FridayDecember 31, 2010KnoxvilleRiverHawks
SaturdayJanuary 1, 2011PensacolaRiverHawks
ThursdayJanuary 6, 2011LouisianaRiverHawks
FridayJanuary 7, 2011RiverHawksPensacola
SaturdayJanuary 8, 2011MississippiRiverHawks
MondayJanuary 17, 2010RiverHawksColumbus
FridayJanuary 21, 2011RiverHawksPensacola
SaturdayJanuary 22, 2011RiverHawksColumbus
FridayJanuary 28, 2011RiverHawksMississippi
SaturdayJanuary 29, 2011RiverHawksMississippi
FridayFebruary 4, 2011ColumbusRiverHawks
SaturdayFebruary 5, 2011PensacolaRiverHawks
TuesdayFebruary 8, 2011FayettevilleRiverHawks
FridayFebruary 11, 2011FayettevilleRiverHawks
SaturdayFebruary 12, 2011RiverHawksColumbus
SundayFebruary 13, 2011RiverHawksMississippi
ThursdayFebruary 17, 2011PensacolaRiverHawks
FridayFebruary 18, 2011RiverHawksKnoxville
SaturdayFebruary 19, 2011KnoxvilleRiverHawks
FridayFebruary 25, 2011RiverHawksFayetteville
SaturdayFebruary 26, 2011RiverHawksFayetteville
SaturdayMarch 5, 2011RiverHawksKnoxville
FridayMarch 11, 2011RiverHawksLouisiana
SaturdayMarch 12, 2011RiverHawksLouisiana
ThursdayMarch 17, 2011RiverHawksHuntsville
FridayMarch 18, 2011KnoxvilleRiverHawks
SaturdayMarch 19, 2011HuntsvilleRiverHawks
ThursdayMarch 24, 2011KnoxvilleRiverHawks
FridayMarch 25, 2011ColumbusRiverHawks
SaturdayMarch 26, 2011RiverHawksHuntsville


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