Team Profiles



Aquinas Fightin’ Irish

REGION: GHSA 7-A, Division B

2016: 6-5, Class A first round

COACH: James Leonard


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. WR/DB George Welch, Sr. RB/LB Joseph Douglas, Sr. WR/DE Bradley White, Sr. K/P Crimmins Hankinson, Sr. RB/WR/DB Mike Brown

OUTLOOK: Six wins and a playoff appearance is considered a successful campaign for some schools, but 2016 produced the Irish’s lowest win total since 2010. Expectations are somewhat tempered this season, but with Welch and Douglas consistently touching the ball, Aquinas should again be considered a serious contender.

QUOTE: “We are trying to get back to the eight-win mark.” – James Leonard

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 11-9 in 10 playoff appearances; won state championship in 2013 (includes Boys Catholic)


Aug. 18/Prince Avenue Christian

Aug. 25/Laney

Sept. 8/at Calvary Day School

Sept. 15/Mount de Sales Academy

Sept. 29/at Hancock Central

Oct. 6/Warren County

Oct. 13/Greene County

Oct. 20/at Washington-Wilkes

Oct. 27/at Lincoln County

Nov. 3/at Region 7-A Play In

Burke County Bears


2016: 9-3, Class AAAA second round

COACH: Eric Parker


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL Austin Milner, Sr. LB Tyreke Washington, Sr. ATH Damari Kelly, Sr. QB Bill Knight, Sr. RB/DB Jaylen Odom

OUTLOOK: Last season marked Parker’s fifth with nine or more wins in his 10 years with the Bears. Running into eventual state champion Cartersville in the second round was a tough draw. Expectations should again be high for one of the area’s best programs with plenty experience returning on both sides of the ball.

QUOTE: “We have a lot of guys back with a lot of game experience. If we are to win big, our success will have to come as a result of that leadership.” – Eric Parker

PLAYOFF HISTORY: (Includes Waynesboro High): 25-27 in 29 playoff appearances; won state championships in 1957 and 2011


Aug. 18/Grovetown

Aug. 25/at Statesboro

Sept. 1/Washington County

Sept. 8/at Lakeside, Evans

Sept. 22/at Effingham County

Oct. 6/at Cross Creek

Oct. 13/at Richmond Academy

Oct. 20/Baldwin

Oct. 27/Thomson

Nov. 3/Hephzibah

Butler Bulldogs


2016: 3-7, missed playoffs

COACH: Myron Newton


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. DE/LB Thomas Hudson, Jr. QB Anthony Grant

OUTLOOK: The Bulldogs begin a new chapter after losing a large senior class from a year ago. That class took Butler to the playoffs in 2015 for the ninth time in school history. There are only a handful of seniors this season and plenty underclassmen could get playing time, presenting a challenge for Newton and his staff.

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 4-9 in nine playoff appearances; reached state quarterfinals in 1969, 1981 and 1987


Aug. 18/at Cross Creek

Aug. 25/Greenbrier

Sept. 8/Hephzibah

Sept. 15/at Screven County

Sept. 22/Harlem

Sept. 29/at Josey

Oct. 13/Jefferson County

Oct. 20/at Laney

Oct. 27/Westside

Nov. 3/at Glenn Hills

Cross Creek Razorbacks


2016: 6-5, Class AAAA first round

COACH: Tavis Cummings


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/WR/DB Devon Hicks, Jr. RB/DB Rahmeer Carter, Jr. RB/LB Terrance Mckenzie, Sr. OL/DL David Overton, Sr. OL/DL Shemar Dixon

OUTLOOK: The Razorbacks reached the playoffs last season for the first time in nearly a decade. The challenge this year is replacing their two most talented players and transitioning to a new coach, but Cummings was previously their assistant and brings a sense of familiarity.

QUOTE: “We’re trying to secure back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in school history.” – Tavis Cummings

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 0-3 in three playoff appearances; reached first round in 2005, 2007 and 2016


Aug. 18/Butler

Aug. 25/at Fox Creek (Lions Field)

Sept. 1/at Glenn Hills

Sept. 8/Westside, Augusta

Sept. 22/Greenbrier

Sept. 29/Hephzibah

Oct. 6/Burke County

Oct. 20/at Thomson

Oct. 27/at Richmond Academy

Nov. 3/at Baldwin

Evans Knights


2016: 7-4, lost in first round of Class AAAAAA state playoffs

COACH: Lemuel Lackey

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB Corey Watkins. Sr. DE Coby Germany, Sr. OL Sam Knight, Sr. LB/SS D.J. Lewis, Sr. WR Breshawn Willis

QUOTE: “We’ve got a lot of guys who are talented, but they’re untested. We’re going to try to get these guys some experience and move forward from there.” - Lemuel Lackey


Aug. 25/at North Augusta

Sept. 1/Laney

Sept. 8/Glenn Hills

Sept. 15/at Washington County

Sept. 22/at Baldwin

Oct. 6/Alcovy

Oct. 13/at Grovetown

Oct. 20/Greenbrier

Oct. 27/at Lakeside

Nov. 3/Heritage

Glenn Hills Spartans


2016: 4-7, Class AA first round

COACH: Nick Collins


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL Willie Green III, Sr. WR/DB Norphe Royale, Sr. RB/DB Dejaun Winfrey, Sr. QB Demontea Green, Jr. RB Shashaun Stewart

OUTLOOK: Collins quickly made his mark on the program as the Spartans made the playoffs last year for the first time since 2008, just a year after going winless. The goal is a return trip to the postseason in the coach’s second year, and they have the players to get there, led by one of the area’s best linemen in Willie Green III.

QUOTE: “Hoping for continued growth in a rebuilding program.” – Nick Collins

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 6-11 in 11 playoff appearances; reached state semifinals in 1982 and 1983


Aug. 25/at Hephzibah

Sept. 1/Cross Creek

Sept. 8/at Evans

Sept. 15/at Harlem

Sept. 22/Josey

Sept. 29/at Jefferson County

Oct. 6/Laney

Oct. 20/at Westside

Oct. 27/Screven County

Nov. 3/Butler

Greenbrier Wolfpack


2016: 6-4, missed playoffs

COACH: Tony Kramer

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Spread (Multiple)/33 (Multiple)

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL Eric Chatman, Jr. RB J.Q. Brown, Sr. DE Tarael Hooks, Sr. WR/LB Jonathan Cole

OUTLOOK: The Wolfpack won their first five games last season and lost three of their four region contests each by seven or fewer points, so there’s a feeling around Greenbrier that its on the verge. With its leading rusher a year older and one of the area’s best linemen anchoring up front, Greenbrier is looking for greater things within the region.

QUOTE: “Excited about the returning players and team in general. We were fairly young last year, so we will be more seasoned and experienced than in the past.” – Tony Kramer

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 0-4 in four playoff appearances; reached first round in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2003


Aug. 25/at Butler

Sept. 1/at Josey

Sept. 8/Harlem

Sept. 15/Richmond Academy

Sept. 22/at Cross Creek

Oct. 6/Lakeside

Oct. 13/at Heritage

Oct. 20/at Evans

Oct. 27/Grovetown

Nov. 3/Alcovy

Grovetown Warriors


2016: 5-6, Class AAAAAA first round

COACH: Damien Postell


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB/WR/DB D’Angelo Durham, Sr. QB Taylor Youngblood, Sr. FB/LB Greggory Rodgers II, Sr. FB/LB Shamar Cofield, Jr. TE/DE Kyle Bryant

OUTLOOK: The Warriors made program history last year by reaching the playoffs for the first time. Now in his second year and with another physical defense, Postell is seeking further growth from his team. The key will be on offense, where they need consistent production to match what should be a stifling defense.

QUOTE: “Looking forward to a great season offensively and a continued strong defense.” – Damien Postell

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 0-1 in playoff appearances; reached first round in 2016


Aug. 18/at Burke County

Aug. 25/at North Oconee

Sept. 1/Lincoln County

Sept. 15/Richmond Hill

Sept. 22/at Richmond Academy

Sept. 29/at Alcovy

Oct. 6/Heritage

Oct. 13/Evans

Oct. 27/at Greenbrier

Nov. 3/Lakeside

Harlem Bulldogs


2016: 3-7, missed playoffs

COACH: Todd Booker


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL Waylin Bell, Jr. RB A.J. Brown, Sr. DB Jody Cooper, Sr. LB Brendan Maddox, Jr. OL/DL Dequan Dorsey

OUTLOOK: There’s an excitement around Harlem entering Booker’s third season. Returners are a year older and transfers will bolster the roster. The Bulldogs are looking to be a player in a region with many.

QUOTE: “Had a great off-season in the weight room and spring practice. The players have worked extremely hard this summer and are ready to get the season started.” – Todd Booker

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 3-10 in 10 playoff appearances; reached state quarterfinals in 1974


Aug. 25/Glascock County

Sept. 1/Warren County

Sept. 8/at Greenbrier

Sept. 15/Glenn Hills

Sept. 22/at Butler

Sept. 29/at Screven County

Oct. 6/at Jefferson County

Oct. 13/Josey

Oct. 27/Laney

Nov. 3/at Westside

Hephzibah Rebels


2016: 0-10, missed playoffs

COACH: William Harrell


KEY PLAYERS: Soph. WR E’Shawn Mayes, Jr. RB Rayquan Riley, Jr. DE Elijah Mayes, Sr. QB Charles Lockwood, Soph. RB Devante Harris

OUTLOOK: The growing pains of a rebuild were felt with a winless 2016 that included freshmen and sophomores getting major playing time. That group is a year older, and Harrell’s third season in the program should produce more positive results.

QUOTE: “We have six starters returning on offense and three returning starters on defense. Our players and coaching staff are working hard and are focused on our scrimmage against Toombs County.” – William Harrell

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 0-4 in playoff appearances; reached first round in 2001, 2008, 2009 and 2014


Aug. 18/Jenkins County

Aug. 25/Glenn Hills

Sept. 1/at Westside

Sept. 8/at Butler

Sept. 22/Hancock Central

Sept. 29/at Cross Creek

Oct. 6/at Thomson

10/21Richmond Academy

Oct. 27/Baldwin

Nov. 3/at Burke County

Jefferson County Warriors


2016: 10-2, Class AA second round

COACH: J.B. Arnold


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. K Evans Hodges, Sr. QB Chardell Hales, Sr. WR Ty King, Sr. RB/LB Jimmy Thomas, Sr. RB Nikel Stone

OUTLOOK: The pieces are in place for another strong run for the Warriors, highlighted by its high-flying, experienced skill players. Their defense took a hit with the loss of multiple college-bound players up front, but Arnold has the program in a great spot right now.

QUOTE: “Lots of youth. Got to grow up quick and play a lot of maturity and character.” – J.B. Arnold

PLAYOFF HISTORY: (Includes Louisville, Wadley and Wrens): 22-36 in 36 playoff appearances; reached state championship game in 1982 and 1983


Aug. 18/at Savannah Christian

Aug. 25/Lakeside

Sept. 8/at Washington-Wilkes

Sept. 15/Laney

Sept. 22/at Westside

Sept. 29/Glenn Hills

Oct. 6/Harlem

Oct. 13/at Butler

Oct. 27/Josey

Nov. 3/at Screven County

Josey Eagles


2016: 4-6, missed playoffs

COACH: Raleigh Roundtree


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. WR/DB Myron Godbee, Sr. OL/DL Marco Brown, Sr. DB Xavier Reed, Sr. TE/LB Jaylin Tolbert

OUTLOOK: Roundtree isn’t shy about his goals for Josey this season. After making the playoffs in 2015 for the first time in 16 years, he wants the Eagles to return. They fell one game shy of returning to the postseason in 2016 and are bringing back the players to make it happen this time.

QUOTE: “Nothing short of the playoffs. No matter what seed, we just want to make the playoffs. We tasted it in 2015 and want to get back there.” – Raleigh Roundtree

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 10-8 in nine playoff appearances; won state title in 1995


Aug. 24/at Groves

Sept. 1/Greenbrier

Sept. 8/Richmond Academy

Sept. 15/Westside

Sept. 22/at Glenn Hills

Sept. 29/Butler

Oct. 13/at Harlem

Oct. 20/at Screven County

Oct. 27/at Jefferson County

Nov. 3/Laney

Lakeside Panthers


2016: 3-8, Class AAAAAA first round

COACH: Steve Hibbitts


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. WR Graham Tulowitzky, Sr. DL Carlos Carter, Jr. QB Will Childers, Sr. DB Cameron Jackson, Jr. WR Jamal Benjamin

OUTLOOK: The Panthers lost their first five games last season but pulled off three consecutive region victories to earn Hibbitts’ first playoff bid as head coach. They’ll look to make it two in a row in a competitive region, but plenty challenges await with a young roster.

QUOTE: “Young but very optimistic.” – Steve Hibbitts

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 2-10 in 10 playoff appearances; reached second round in 2009


Aug. 18/North Augusta

Aug. 25/at Jefferson County

Sept. 8/Burke County

Sept. 22/at Richmond Hill

Sept. 29/Bradwell Institute

Oct. 6/at Greenbrier

Oct. 13/Alcovy

Oct. 20/at Heritage

Oct. 27/Evans

Nov. 3/at Grovetown

Laney Wildcats


2016: 5-6, Class AA first round

COACH: Rodney McFadden


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/WR/DB Mario Sumpter, Jr. RB/LB Jarvis Washington, Sr. WR/DB Jalen Lovett

OUTLOOK: The Wildcats have bowed out in the first round the past three seasons after a quarterfinal run in 2013. They now have to replace one of the largest senior classes in the area from a year ago. They’ll rely heavily on Sumpter’s production under center, while Washington has the potential to break out as a junior.

QUOTE: “This will be a rebuilding year after the loss of 22 seniors from last year’s team. Eight of those seniors will play college football…” – Rodney McFadden

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 20-21 in 23 playoff appearances; won GIA state championships in 1961 and 1966


Aug. 18/Thomson

Aug. 25/at Aquinas

Sept. 1/at Evans

Sept. 15/at Jefferson County

Sept. 22/Screven County

Sept. 29/Westside

Oct. 6/at Glenn Hills

Oct. 20/Butler

Oct. 27/at Harlem

Nov. 3/at Josey

Lincoln County Red Devils

REGION: GHSA 7-A, Division B

2016: 7-4-1, Class A second round

COACH: Kevin Banks


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/DB Javon Reid, Sr. WR/DB Duke Roberts, Sr. LB Antonio Williams, Sr. LB Jaden Robinson, Sr. K/P William Leroy

OUTLOOK: The Red Devils snapped a streak of first-round exits last year by beating rival Washington-Wilkes in the opening round, but a region title and deep playoff run have eluded them since 2012. If they want to return to their past glory, it’ll take big efforts from Reid, Roberts and the usual stifling defensive unit.

QUOTE: “People around here don’t care about all that or how young you are, the expectation is always high. State championship or bust. That’s the expectation around here. That’s realistic. If some things happen, it could happen now. You’ll see us play. You’ll see.” – Kevin Banks

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 124-34 in 48 playoff appearances; won 14 state titles in 1960, 1962, 1963, 1976, 1977, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1995, 2005, 2006 (includes Lincolnton)


Aug. 25/McCormick

Sept. 1/at Grovetown

Sept. 8/at Abbeville

Sept. 22/Stratford Academy

Sept. 29/at Washington-Wilkes

Oct. 6/at Hancock Central

Oct. 13/at Warren County

Oct. 20/Greene County

Oct. 27/Aquinas

Nov. 3/at Region 7A Play-In

Richmond Academy Musketeers


2016: 3-6, missed playoffs

COACH: Lyle Burns

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Multiple/3-3 Stack

KEY PLAYERS: Jr. QB Mason Cobb, Sr. LB Terry Bland, Sr. DL Justin Thomas

OUTLOOK: Richmond Academy is trying to break a string of losing seasons that date to 2010. Enter Burns, a new head coach who brings an up-tempo attitude to practice and high standards for the team. The Musketeers lost a big senior class from last season and there could be growing pains, but Burns will work hard to establish a new culture at the historic school.

QUOTE: “Trying to bring a new tempo, new pace of practice, attention to detail, those kind of things. Trying really to just teach football. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but instead of playing, we want to teach it and make sure we’re executing and doing the things we’re supposed to in relation to the scheme we’re running.” – Lyle Burns

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 10-23 in 25 playoff appearances; won two state championships in 1951 and 1956


Aug. 25/Westside

Sept. 1/Aiken High

Sept. 8/at Josey

Sept. 15/at Greenbrier

Sept. 22/Grovetown

Oct. 6/at Baldwin

Oct. 13/Burke County

10/21At Hephzibah

Oct. 27/Cross Creek

Nov. 3/at Thomson

Screven County Gamecocks


2016: 11-2, Class AA quarterfinals

COACH: Ron Duncan


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. FB/DL C.J. Wright, Sr. WR Tyquan Johnson, Sr. LB Kashawn Robinson, Sr. DE Kendrick Cox, Sr. OL/DL Davien Perry

OUTLOOK: The Gamecocks boast perhaps the most talented roster in the area, featuring multiple future Division I players. They swept through the region slate last year on their way to a third-round appearance, and they’re looking for a fifth double-digit-win season in the past six years under Duncan.

QUOTE: “We return 18 starters from last year but must replace several (offensive linemen).” – Ron Duncan

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 23-24 in 25 playoff appearances; won state championship in 2002


Aug. 19/vs. Bluffton (GSU)

Sept. 1/Wade Hampton

Sept. 8/at Statesboro

Sept. 15/Butler

Sept. 22/at Laney

Sept. 29/Harlem

Oct. 13/at Westside

Oct. 20/Josey

Oct. 27/at Glenn Hills

Nov. 3/Jefferson County

Swainsboro Tigers


2016: 4-7, Class AA first round

COACH: Scott Roberts

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL/DL Jacob Ellis, Sr. RB/DB Jayln Williams, Jr. QB Jacolby Gibbons

OUTLOOK: The Tigers are bringing back a familiar face to lead the program in Roberts, who coached them in 2008-09, including a 10-win season and second-round appearance in 2009. Roberts marks the third coaching hire in three years at Swainsboro, and the Tigers are hoping he can bring them back to prominence.

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 23-33 in 34 playoff appearances; won state championship in 2000


Aug. 18/at Jackson

Aug. 25/Emanuel County Institute

Sept. 8/Dublin

Sept. 15/Benedictine

Sept. 22/at Bryan County

Sept. 29/Metter

Oct. 13/at Bacon County

Oct. 20/Vidalia

Oct. 27/at Jeff Davis

Nov. 3/at Toombs County

Thomson Bulldogs


2016: 14-1, Class AAAA state championship appearance

COACH: Rob Ridings


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. LB Artest Banks, Sr. QB Mills Ridings, Sr. WR/DB Tyrese Jones, Sr. WR/DB Jacorey Crawford, Sr. WR/DB/KR Christian Tutt

OUTLOOK: The Bulldogs had a season to remember in 2016 by going undefeated until the state title game. The championship loss should serve as motivation to return, but they face the challenge of replacing several talented players, including a couple All-State picks.

QUOTE: “We return four starters on offense and nine starters on defense. We also return our snapper but lost our All-Region kicker to graduation. On offense we must replace four All-Region players and one All-State running back. On defense we lost an All-State linebacker and graduated a two-year starting defensive back.” – Rob Ridings

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 51-38 in 43 playoff appearances; won state championships in 1967, 1968, 1984, 1985 and 2002


Aug. 18/at Laney

Aug. 25/at Effingham County

Sept. 1/Jefferson

Sept. 8/Pace Academy

Sept. 29/Clarkston

Oct. 6/Hephzibah

Oct. 13/at Baldwin

Oct. 20/Cross Creek

Oct. 27/at Burke County

Nov. 3/Richmond Academy

Warren County Screaming Devils

REGION: GHSA 7-A, Division B

2016: 4-6, missed playoffs

COACH: Cherard Freeman


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. QB Jatarious Allen, Sr. OL/DL Mikel Wilburn, Sr. WR/DB Kentarius Brinkle, Sr. WR/DE Vontavious Crawford

OUTLOOK: The Screaming Devils matched their 2015 win total before mid-September last season and rode a veteran group to their best record since 2011. Turnover means potential growing pains for a younger team this year, but Freeman has pulled the program out of the cellar with hard work.

QUOTE: “We’re younger this year. We want to keep getting better each week.” – Cherard Freeman

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 17-21 in 24 playoff appearances; won state championships in 1965, 1966 and 1968


Aug. 18/Putnam County

Sept. 1/at Harlem

Sept. 8/at Bradwell Institute

Sept. 15/at First Presbyterian

Sept. 29/at Greene County

Oct. 6/at Aquinas

Oct. 13/Lincoln County

Oct. 20/Hancock Central

Oct. 27/Washington-Wilkes

Nov. 3/at Region 7A Play-In

Washington County Golden Hawks


2016: 9-3, Class AA second round

COACH: Joel Ingram


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. RB/LB Preston Daniels, Sr. OL Mitch Lord, Jr. QB/TE Jake Helton

OUTLOOK: The Golden Hawks are now a couple years removed from consecutive state championship appearances, and a brief rebuild turned into another region title last season. Expect another region run and state playoff contention with a solid core of upperclassmen. As an added note, their season’s first victory will be Ingram’s 100th at Washington County.

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 54-26 in 29 playoff appearances; won three state championships in 1994, 1996 and 1997


Aug. 25/at Jones County

Sept. 1/at Burke County

Sept. 8/Baldwin

Sept. 15/Evans

Sept. 29/East Laurens

Oct. 6/at Bleckley County

Oct. 13/Dodge County

Oct. 20/at Southwest

Oct. 27/Northeast

Nov. 3/at Dublin

Washington-Wilkes Tigers

REGION: GHSA 7-A, Division B

2016: 4-7, Class A first round

COACH: Chad Alligood

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Off-spread option/4-2-5

KEY PLAYERS: Jr. WR Deondre Lester, Soph. QB Donovan Anthony, Sr. DE Devonta Owens, Sr. OL Bailey Brock, Sr. LB Dre Cox

OUTLOOK: Coaching turnover has become a norm at Washington-Wilkes recently with now three coaches in four seasons. Alligood is looking to right the ship after rare consecutive losing seasons, though the playoff streak reached 19 years in a row with another first-round appearance last year.

QUOTE: “With a new head coach also comes a new way of doing things. There have been so many changes made in all aspects of the program in this first year, you just want everyone to buy into the new way. Our only goal on the field will always be a state championship. We have high expectations for our players on and off the field and expect nothing but their best each day. Our motto is ‘Tempo-Love-Compete.’” – Chad Alligood

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 57-36 in 40 playoff appearances; won four state championships in 1960, 1963, 1966 and 1967


Aug. 25/at Elbert County

Sept. 1/at West Hall

Sept. 8/Jefferson County

Sept. 22/Tattnall Square Academy

Sept. 29/Lincoln County

Oct. 6/at Greene County

Oct. 13/at Hancock Central

Oct. 20/Aquinas

Oct. 27/at Warren County

Nov. 3/at Region 7A Play-In

Westside Patriots


2016: 1-9, missed playoffs

COACH: Scott Tate


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB/DB Larico Williams, Sr. QB/DB Jamison Pettiford, Soph. TE/LB Jarvis Franklin, Jr. OL/DL Austin Fishel

OUTLOOK: Things went south for the Patriots in a tough region last season as they relied on inexperienced players for major playing time. The group took its lumps and is now seeking better results. Williams is one of the fastest players in the area and will give Westside production on offense, while Pettiford gives them an experienced leader under center.

QUOTE: “Much improved on defense and offense.” – Scott Tate

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 13-21 in 21 playoff appearances; reached state semifinals in 1983


Aug. 25/at Richmond Academy

Sept. 1/Hephzibah

Sept. 8/at Cross Creek

Sept. 15/at Josey

Sept. 22/Jefferson County

Sept. 29/at Laney

Oct. 13/Screven County

Oct. 20/Glenn Hills

Oct. 27/at Butler

Nov. 3/Harlem


Aiken Hornets


2016: 3-7, Class AAAA first round

COACH: J.W. Montgomery


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL/DL Eric Stroman, Sr. DL Omar Simmons, Jr. WR/DB Stavon Porter, Jr. RB/DB Jabarrik Corley, Jr. RB/DB Jeremiah Green

OUTLOOK: The Hornets started last season on a promising note, but several close region losses took their toll and led to another first-round exit. This will be a year of transition with a new head coach and the loss of several talented athletes, but Montgomery is bringing a message of positivity to his first season.

QUOTE: “Sometimes when you have that opportunity, you say why not us? Here at Aiken, why not us? Let’s go for that state championship.” – J.W. Montgomery

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won state championship in 1992


Aug. 18/White Knoll

Aug. 25/at Strom Thurmond

Sept. 8/at Clinton

Sept. 15/Greenwood

Sept. 29/at South Aiken

Oct. 6/at Midland Valley

Oct. 13/Airport

Oct. 20/Dreher

Oct. 27/North Augusta

Barnwell Warhorses


2016: 12-2, Class AA semifinals

COACH: Dwayne Garrick


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB Mykal Lee, Sr. LB Jackson Carter, Sr. QB Pete Elmore, Sr. FB Ryan Harper

OUTLOOK: The Warhorses romped to the state semifinals a year ago and fell just short of a title appearance. They return another solid senior class aiming for another deep playoff run.

QUOTE: “Win the region and make the playoffs.” – Dwayne Garrick

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won three state championships in 1954, 1987 and 1988


Aug. 18/at Williston-Elko

Aug. 25/Blackville-Hilda

Sept. 1/Pelion

Sept. 8/at Wade Hampton

Sept. 15/Swansea

Sept. 29/at Calhoun County

Oct. 6/at Batesburg-Leesville

Oct. 13/at Allendale-Fairfax

Oct. 20/Bamberg-Ehrhardt

Oct. 27/Silver Bluff

Blackville-Hilda Fighting Hawks


2016: 7-4, Class A second round

COACH: David Berry

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Single Wing/Multiple

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL/DL Dawon Joyner, Sr. RB/LB Derrick Faust, Sr. OL/DL Darius Washington, Sr. RB/LB Denzel Saxon, Sr. WR/LB Tyreke Walker

OUTLOOK: The Fighting Hawks greatly improved upon their record from the previous season and earned a No. 2 seed from their region. Another positive year is expected with its core of leaders returning, and a deeper playoff run should be considered a possibility if they stay healthy.

QUOTE: “Team worked hard in off-season. Should be physically stronger.” – David Berry

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won eight state championships in 1947, 1970, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1995, 2005 and 2007


Aug. 25/at Barnwell

Sept. 1/at Great Falls

Sept. 8/McCormick

Sept. 15/Denmark-Olar

Sept. 22/at Wagener-Salley

Sept. 29/Hunter-Kinard-Tyler

Oct. 6/Ridge Spring-Monetta

Oct. 13/at Estill

Oct. 20/Williston-Elko

Oct. 27/at North

Fox Creek Predators


2016: 7-5, Class AA second round

COACH: Derrick Quinn


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL Dalton Barnes, Sr. DL Jaylen Davis, Jr. QB Cameron Mitchem, Sr. WR Dustin Barnes, Sr. DE Tyrell Simmons

OUTLOOK: The Predators picked up their first playoff win in five years last season and would like to advance even further with a host of talented players returning on both sides of the ball. They face the challenge of replacing a star quarterback, but the lines look strong and Mitchem has proven capable on offense.

QUOTE: “Compete for the region title and advance in the playoffs.” – Derrick Quinn

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 2-4 in four playoff appearances


Aug. 18/at McCormick

Aug. 25/Cross Creek

Sept. 1/Silver Bluff

Sept. 15/Crescent

Sept. 22/at Midland Valley

Sept. 29/at C.A. Johnson

Oct. 6/Eau Claire

Oct. 13/at Gray Collegiate

Oct. 20/Keenan

Oct. 27/at Saluda

McCormick Chiefs


2016: 5-6, Class A second round

COACH: Paul Pratt


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB Mataeo Durant, Sr. RB/LB Kadarius Durant, Sr. QB/DE Dillon Walters, Sr. WR/DB Mikerion Tate, Jr. QB/RB Silas Cannady

OUTLOOK: The Chiefs picked up a region championship last year and want another in Mataeo Durant’s final season. If the star stays healthy and the supporting cast steps up, another top seed is a possibility in Pratt’s first year as head coach.

QUOTE: “The Chiefs have several skill players returning.” – Paul Pratt

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won state championship in 1948


Aug. 18/Fox Creek

Sept. 1/at Southside Christian

Sept. 8/at Blackville-Hilda

Sept. 22/Allendale-Fairfax

Sept. 29/at Calhoun Falls Charter

Oct. 6/at Ware Shoals

Oct. 13/Dixie

Oct. 20/Columbia

Oct. 27/Whitmire

Midland Valley Mustangs


2016: 2-8, missed playoffs

COACH: Andrew Jenkins


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL/DL Tyrese Cohen, Sr. RB/DB Raekwon Jackson, Sr. WR/DB Will Sheehan, Jr. WR/LB Desmond Curry, Jr. QB Tanner White

OUTLOOK: The Mustangs felt the sting last season of losing a tremendous amount of talent from a 2015 team that reached the state title game. While they lost one of the area’s top producing quarterbacks for the second consecutive year, they still have the pieces to contend within a competitive region in Jenkins’ second year.

QUOTE: “Young team with returning talent on both sides of the ball. Got a lot stronger in the weight room this year and better at the fundamentals of the game…” – Andrew Jenkins

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Appeared in 2015 state championship


Aug. 25/Greenwood

Sept. 1/at Lugoff-Elgin

Sept. 8/Strom Thurmond

Sept. 15/at Silver Bluff

Sept. 22/Fox Creek

Sept. 29/at Airport

Oct. 6/Aiken

Oct. 13/at A.C. Flora

Oct. 20/North Augusta

Oct. 27/at South Aiken

North Augusta Yellow Jackets


2016: 7-5, Class AAAA second round

COACH: Brian Thomas


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. WR/DB DeJuan Bell, Sr. QB Landon Washington, Sr. RB Derius Gibson, Sr. OL Sam Bryant, Jr. LB Caree Collier

OUTLOOK: The Yellow Jackets found themselves looking up as a No. 3 seed out of last year’s region despite a strong core of upperclassmen. They’ll again battle within a competitive region and again feature a talented group, especially on offense. Washington, Bell and Gibson could prove tough to stop.

QUOTE: “It’s next man up now. We had some folks who graduated, now it’s someone else’s turn to step up.” - Brian Thomas

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won three state championships in 1957, 1960 and 1989


Aug. 18/at Lakeside

Aug. 25/Evans

Sept. 8/Lexington

Sept. 15/at White Knoll

Sept. 22/Strom Thurmond

Sept. 29/at Lower Richland

Oct. 6/Airport

Oct. 13/South Aiken

Oct. 20/at Midland Valley

Oct. 27/at Aiken

Ridge Spring-Monetta Trojans


2016: 5-6, Class A first round

COACH: Ken Lipsey


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB Tyson Bettis, Jr. WR/DB Jerry Tyler, Sr. OL/DE Melvin Alewine, Jr. OL Jason Rodgers, Soph. RB/LB Reagan Cherry

OUTLOOK: The Trojans experienced a rare down year last season after appearing in the state semifinals in 2015, but a core group of upperclassmen should get them in the region and playoff hunt this time around.

QUOTE: “Should be a better year this year.” – Ken Lipsey

PLAYOFF HISTORY: (Includes Monetta): won state championship in 1945


Aug. 18/Batesburg-Leesville

Aug. 25/Saluda

Sept. 1/at Whitmire

Sept. 15/at North

Sept. 22/at Williston-Elko

Sept. 29/Denmark-Olar

Oct. 6/at Blackville-Hilda

Oct. 13/at Wagener-Salley

Oct. 20/Estill

Oct. 27/Hunter-Kinard-Tyler

Silver Bluff Bulldogs


2016: 3-7, missed playoffs

COACH: Burton Able


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/LB Cedrick Trottie, Sr. RB/LB Raekwon Mann, Jr. QB/DB Jamaal Washington, Sr. RB Tieler Wooten, Jr. WR/LB Jimmy Foreman

OUTLOOK: Last year was a season of transition and it didn’t end well for the Bulldogs, but Year 2 under Able is expected to produce better results with a more experienced group of skill players.

QUOTE: “Lots of returning skill talent. Capable of winning region title again for the eighth time in nine years.” – Burton Able

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won state championships in 1986, 1990, 1991, 2000 and 2001


Aug. 18/South Aiken

Aug. 25/at Williston-Elko

Sept. 1/at Fox Creek

Sept. 15/Midland Valley

Sept. 22/at Swansea

Sept. 29/at Bamberg-Ehrhardt

Oct. 6/Allendale-Fairfax

Oct. 13/Calhoun County

Oct. 20/Batesburg-Leesville

Oct. 27/at Barnwell

South Aiken Thoroughbreds


2016: 12-2, Class AAAA semifinals

COACH: Chris Hamilton


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. WR/DB Deshun Kitchings, Sr. DL Jamontae Martin, Sr. RB Chris Roberts, Sr. LB Reid Bolen, Sr. QB Cody Boynton

OUTLOOK: The Thoroughbreds were the talk of the area and state last year for racing to the semifinals and almost beating eventual state champion South Pointe in what was the best season in school history. Many of the big names return for another shot at a title, led by the dynamic core of Boynton, Roberts and Kitchings.

QUOTE: “It’s not just go to state, we want to win state. There’s a hunger about our team.” - Chris Hamilton

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Reached state semifinals in 1991 and 2016


Aug. 18/at Silver Bluff

Aug. 25/at White Knoll

Sept. 1/Swansea

Sept. 8/Westside

Sept. 15/at Lugoff-Elgin

Sept. 29/Aiken

Oct. 6/Orangeburg Wilkinson

Oct. 13/at North Augusta

Oct. 20/at Airport

Oct. 27/Midland Valley

Strom Thurmond Rebels


2016: 7-5, Class AAA second round

COACH: Antwaun Hillary

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Two-Back Spread/Multiple

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. DE Tre Moore, Sr. WR/LB Tyrek Williams, Sr. RB Jaquan Edwards, Sr. LB A.J. Valentine, Sr. K/P Lawson Reel

OUTLOOK: The injury bug bit the Rebels last year, but they still managed a second-round appearance. Look for this year’s squad to be physical and control the ground game, highlighted by a punishing running back and strong lines on both sides of the ball.

QUOTE: “Returning a lot in trenches. Will be young at QB but RB should carry the load.” – Antwaun Hillary

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won state championships in 1968 and 2005


Aug. 18/Saluda

Aug. 25/Aiken

Sept. 8/at Midland Valley

Sept. 15/at Emerald

Sept. 22/at North Augusta

Sept. 29/Edisto

Oct. 6/Swansea

Oct. 13/at Gilbert

Oct. 20/at Pelion

Oct. 27/Brookland Cayce

Wagener-Salley War Eagles


2016: 8-3, Class A first round

COACH: Willie Fox


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB/DB Tre Davis, Sr. ATH/DB Quan Frazier, Jr. RB/LB Quentiz Barnes, Jr. OL/DL Dalton Fields, Soph. FB/OL/DL Jhuatieq Davis

OUTLOOK: The War Eagles took a nice step forward last season by doubling their win total. The duo of Davis and Frazier is a year older and will look to lead them past the first round of the playoffs.

QUOTE: “We are young but talented. We have a lot of returners on both sides of the ball and the kids have worked very hard in the off-season to be successful.” – Willie Fox

PLAYOFF HISTORY: reached state championship game in 1978


Aug. 18/Whitmire

Aug. 25/at Pelion

Sept. 8/Bethune-Bowman

Sept. 15/at Hunter-Kinard-Tyler

Sept. 22/Blackville-Hilda

Sept. 29/Williston-Elko

Oct. 6/at North

Oct. 13/Ridge Spring-Monetta

Oct. 20/at Denmark-Olar

Oct. 27/at Estill

Williston-Elko Blue Devils


2016: 9-3, Class A quarterfinals

COACH: Derek Youngblood


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. WR/DE Keshawn Toney, Sr. WR/DB Demarkiis Doe, Sr. QB Tyran Parker, Sr. LB Jasper Lott, Sr. LB Evander Tyler

OUTLOOK: The Blue Devils should again be a serious playoff contender after a deep run last season. Youngblood has a lot of experienced talent on both sides of the ball, led by the ultra-talented Toney.

QUOTE: “We bring back a lot of guys that have played a lot of football for us.” – Derek Youngblood

PLAYOFF HISTORY: Won state championships in 1969, 1979, 1980 and 2009


Aug. 18/Barnwell

Aug. 25/Silver Bluff

Sept. 8/at Woodland

Sept. 15/at Estill

Sept. 22/Ridge Spring-Monetta

Sept. 29/at Wagener-Salley

Oct. 6/at Hunter-Kinard-Tyler

Oct. 13/North

Oct. 20/at Blackville-Hilda

Oct. 27/Denmark-Olar


Augusta Christian Lions


2016: 3-7, missed playoffs

COACH: Keith Walton


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. WR/DB T.J. Wilson, Sr. WR/DB/K Parker Wingard,

OUTLOOK: Augusta Christian’s rebuild continued last year after moving down in classification. It’ll be another challenge for Walton and his staff with only a handful of seniors, but Wilson and Wingard are two playmakers who will help the Lions.

QUOTE: “Young squad with only four seniors.” – Keith Walton

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 16-21 in 23 playoff appearances; won state championships in 2005 and 2013


Aug. 18/Augusta Prep

Sept. 1/at Calhoun Falls

Sept. 8/Westminster

Sept. 15/at Thomas Sumter

Sept. 22/Oakbrook Prep

Sept. 29/at Hammond

Oct. 6/R.E. Lee

Oct. 13/at Spartanburg Christian

Oct. 20/at Florence Christian

Oct. 27/Trinity-Byrnes

Augusta Prep Cavaliers


2016: 8-2, Class AAA first round

COACH: Harry Bacheller

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: Gun Wing T, Spread/4-3

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB/DB B.J. Stone, Sr. OL/DL Hinson Fowler, Sr. WR/DB/K Palmer Bachelder, Sr. OL/DL James Garnett, Sr. TE/DE Caleb Wells, Sr. QB Will Dorn

OUTLOOK: The program’s rise in GISA has coincided with this senior class’ growth. The class is tremendous in numbers and talent, and expectations should be at an all-time high at Augusta Prep this season.

QUOTE: “If we take care of business, we should be very successful. Many seniors have started since ninth grade. They went 1-7-1 in ninth grade, 5-5 as sophomores and 8-1 as juniors. We are excited.” – Harry Bacheller

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 4-4 in five playoff appearances; won 2013 Glory For Christ championship


Aug. 11/at Bethesda Academy

Aug. 18/at Augusta Christian

Sept. 1/at Loganville Christian

Sept. 8/Pinewood Christian

Sept. 15/Thomas Jefferson

Sept. 22/Gatewood

Sept. 29/Bethlehem Christian

Oct. 6/at Westminster

Oct. 13/at John Milledge

Oct. 20/Westfield

Brentwood Eagles


2016: 4-7, Class AA first round

COACH: Bert Brown


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/DB Peyton Massengale, Sr. FB/LB Caleb Johns, Sr. WR/DB Marshall Hodges, Soph. RB/DB Chase Everett, Jr. TE/DL Gabe Anglin

OUTLOOK: The Eagles will return almost their entire starting core on both sides of the ball – typically a good sign in high school football. It’ll be another stiff test in a region loaded with contenders, but this year’s Brentwood team has the experience to join the mix.

QUOTE: “We have nine starters back on offense and eight starters back on defense. If we stay healthy I believe we can be competitive in GISA Region 4-AA.” – Bert Brown

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 26-28 in 30 playoff appearances; won state championships in 2002 and 2003


Aug. 18/at Gatewood, 8

Aug. 25/Trinity Christian, 8

Sept. 1/John Milledge

Sept. 8/at Windsor

Sept. 15/Edmund Burke

Sept. 22/at Piedmont

Sept. 29/First Presbyterian Christian

Oct. 6/Thomas Jefferson

Oct. 13/at Monsignor Donovan

Oct. 20/Briarwood

Briarwood Academy Buccaneers


2016: 10-3, Class AA state championship appearance

COACH: Bo Fleming

BASE OFFENSE/DEFENSE: “I” Formation, Pistol/5-2

KEY PLAYERS: Sr. RB/LB Dylan Reese, Sr. QB/LB Zach Stadler, Sr. DL Travis Pate, Sr. LB Zachary Hill, Sr. WR/DB Jesse Cushman

OUTLOOK: The Buccaneers advanced to the state title game last year and are seeking another deep run in Reese’s last season. If the returning core stays healthy, another title appearance is not out of the question.

QUOTE: “Return eight starters on offense and defense. Leading rusher, receiver, passer, tackler all return. If we can stay healthy we expect to make another run at state title.” – Bo Fleming

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 32-30 in 32 playoff appearances; won state championships in 1976 and 1989


Aug. 18/Westminster

Aug. 25/Edmund Burke

Sept. 1/at Piedmont

Sept. 8/Dominion Christian

Sept. 15/Trinity Christian

Sept. 22/at John Milledge

Sept. 29/at Flint River

Oct. 6/Monsignor Donovan

Oct. 13/at Thomas Jefferson

Oct. 20/at Brentwood

Edmund Burke Spartans


2016: 0-8, missed playoffs

COACH: Charlie Fales


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. OL/LB Ashley Clark, Sr. QB/RB/LB Kyler Deason, Sr. OL/DE Dalton Jackson, Sr. DB Gatlin Jenkins, Sr. RB/DB Tyson Post

OUTLOOK: The Spartans continue to rebuild after a strong run at the beginning of the decade. Fales enters his fourth season looking to further establish his system, and a strong senior group gives the program hope for this year.

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 21-25 in 25 playoff appearances; reached state championship game in 2000, 2010 and 2011


Aug. 18/at Thomas Jefferson, 8

Aug. 25/at Briarwood

Sept. 1/Westminster

Sept. 8/Robert Toombs

Sept. 15/at Brentwood

Sept. 22/Pinewood Christian

Sept. 29/at Bulloch

Oct. 6/Westwood

Oct. 13/Frederica

Oct. 20/at Trinity

Thomas Jefferson Jaguars


2016: 6-5, Class AA quarterfinals

COACH: John Osborne


KEY PLAYERS: Jr. OL/DL Logan Wasden, Sr. OL/DL Hank Dollar, Jr. TE/DE Dylan Evans

OUTLOOK: The Jaguars handled the transition back to GISA well after a successful two-year stint in GICAA. They’re faced with another tall region task that includes state runner-up Briarwood, along with the loss of a strong senior core, but Thomas Jefferson has established itself as an annual state contender.

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 32-22 in 28 playoff appearances; won six state championships in 1986, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2006 and 2015


Aug. 10/at Trinity, 8

Aug. 18/Edmund Burke, 8

Aug. 25/at Westminster

Sept. 1/at Robert Toombs

Sept. 8/Bulloch

Sept. 15/at Augusta Prep

Sept. 29/Glascock County

Oct. 6/at Brentwood

Oct. 13/Briarwood

Oct. 20/at Monsignor Donovan

Wardlaw Academy Patriots


2016: 11-3, won state championship

COACH: Mark Rodgers


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB Britt Gossett, Sr. LB Sanford Satcher, Sr. RB/LB Caleb Kemp, Sr. OL Nick Edward, Sr. ATH Parker Lidy

OUTLOOK: The Patriots won their first state title in five years by avenging a regular-season loss to Holly Hill in the championship game. They lost several key players from that team, but the return of Gossett under center is big as they seek to defend their title.

QUOTE: “Defend state title.” – Mark Rodgers


Aug. 18/at Faith Christian

Aug. 25/Richard Winn

Sept. 1/at Laurens

Sept. 8/Newberry

Sept. 15/at King

Sept. 22/Northside Christian

Sept. 29/Clarendon Hall

Oct. 6/at Holly Hill

Oct. 13/at St. John’s

Oct. 27/TBD

Westminster Wildcats


2016: 1-7, missed playoffs

COACH: Steve Ackley


KEY PLAYERS: Sr. QB/RB/DB Larkin Ison, Sr. WR/DB Brandon Shiley, Jr. QB Collin Landrum, Fr. RB/DB Jordan Carlile, Soph. TE/LB Grant Fuller

OUTLOOK: The Wildcats struggled through one of their worst seasons last year with a lot of inexperience on the field. They’re looking to get back to their contending ways from 2014 when they reached the quarterfinals, and this season’s group offers more hope for a playoff run.

QUOTE: “The team is hungry and has been working very hard. We will have eight returning starters on offense and eight returning on defense, so the team has a lot of experience coming back. The team will look to make huge strides this year.” – Steve Ackley

PLAYOFF HISTORY: 1-1 in one playoff appearance; reached state quarterfinals in 2014


Aug. 18/at Briarwood

Aug. 25/Thomas Jefferson

Sept. 1/at Edmund Burke

Sept. 8/at Augusta Christian

Sept. 15/Dominion Christian

Sept. 22/at Westfield

Sept. 29/John Milledge

Oct. 6/Augusta Prep

Oct. 13/at Gatewood



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