Player of the Week: Nick Richards

Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff

LAST WEEK : Richards completed 16 of 29 passes for 280 yards and two scores in a 21-7, season-ending win at Wayne County. He completed an average of 16 passes per game for 208 yards over his last four contests. The strong-armed Richards completed passes to seven different receivers last week to earn the victory.

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: "Nick is the first guy every coach talks about before we play each week. The big thing is it is so rare to have to defend the whole field against a kid that can make every throw on the field. He can throw the 15-yard out. He can throw the 60-yard bomb down the middle of the field. He can dump the ball off and he can do it all with the proper velocity the college coaches want to see out of big quarterback with a strong arm."

-- Greenbrier coach

Scott Chadwick

RICHARDS ON HIS GAME: "We all wanted to go out on a good note. It was the last game for everybody. Everyone wanted to go out and perform. I was real confident everyone I threw the ball to was going to make a play. I was confident we were going to do whatever was necessary to get the win."



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