GHSA to discuss options for Class A schools

Everyone is waiting to see what happens today.


Though school representatives — most of them from Class A — met on Monday in Macon to continue discussing the possibility of leaving the Georgia High School Association, all eyes are on today’s GHSA called Executive Committee meeting.

“Everybody is sitting back and waiting to see what’s going to happen,” Washington-Wilkes football coach Robby Robinson said. “Nobody really knows.”

Possible actions today include the GHSA splitting up private and public schools in Class A for the playoffs in all sports, in four sports (baseball, golf, softball and tennis) or in none at all.

In looking at these options, representatives at Monday’s meeting for the Georgia Public Schools Association – the possible new league – filled out what Robinson described as an interest survey.

Categories measured the level of interest of leaving the GHSA and forming a new league based on what could happen today.

Robinson, who said the GPSA will meet again as a group on Jan. 24, said a best-case scenario for today would involve the split for all sports. But he said more than two dozen schools, based on the survey, would still be interested in creating the new association even in this situation.

Lincoln County football coach Larry Campbell was at Monday’s meeting, though he described his participation as that of a bystander with Lincoln County not one of the schools potentially leaving the GHSA.

Campbell has long been a strong voice in talking about the perceived advantage some schools have over others in Class A.

He said he has nothing against private schools, but the use of a program like the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program makes the possibility of equality impossible.

This has helped foster imbalance, Campbell believes.

“I don’t know what I want to come out of [today],” Campbell said. “I wish that it had never come to this. I wish the public and private schools could continue to play on a level playing field.”