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On the home page, a block of Associated Press news is available on the right side below the top navigation bar. Click the red "From The Wire" header to view the complete AP news section.


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Link: http://chronicle.augusta.com/classifieds/



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The Augusta Chronicle's Forums are down for maintenance until February 1, 2010. Use the link below to visit the AugustaChronicle.com Forums section.


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We recently redesigned our mobile news site, which is available free of charge without having to download an app.


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You can submit items for the On the Move by emailing them to Business Editor Tim Rausch at tim.rausch@augustachronicle.com.



Hover over the "News" link in the top navigation bar and select "Obituaries" from the list of links in the tan box.


Link: http://chronicle.augusta.com/obituaries/


To visit the enhanced Legacy.com version of recent obituaries, including guestbooks and other features, visit:


Link: http://www.legacy.com/augustachronicle/LegacyHome.asp


Richmond County Neighbors section

You can find Richmond County Neighbors content online at http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/richmond-neighbors/.


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Our complete interactive media portfolio is accessible from the top of our home page. To the right of the logo for The Augusta Chronicle and the weather section, you will find links to our RSS, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter offerings.


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A box of featured Things To Do events and information is available on the right side of the home page, below the AP News section. You can also hover over the "Things To Do" link in the top navigation bar and select from the Events Database, Movie Showtimes and Restaurant Guide sections.


Link: http://apps.augusta.com/do


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You can browse today's news stories by using the section navigation in the top navigation bar. You can view a list of all of today's stories by clicking the date link on the left side of the green top navigation bar.


NOTE: The link below is valid for the date the site launched. The format for the end of the link is /daily/yyyymmdd/, meaning four-digt year, two-digit month and two-digit date.


Link: http://chronicle.augusta.com/archive/daily/20100127



Our complete video library can be browsed by clicking the "Video" link in the top navigation bar.


Link: http://chronicle.augusta.com/video/



The latest weather information will always appear at the top of the home page, to the right of the newspaper's logo. Click the links for Hourly and 7-Day to get more detailed forecasts. To find it in the top navigation bar, hover over "News" and select "Weather" from the menu that appears.


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Weddings and engagements information, contained in our special Brides website, are available through a link in the top navigation bar. Hover over the "Life" link in the top navigation bar and select "Weddings & engagements" from the list of links that appears below.


Link: http://brides.augusta.com/