Submit a Public Announcement

The Augusta Chronicle prints notices of events in several sections of the newspaper as well as our online events calendar. Two of the most popular publications for event listings are:


- Applause! A weekly guide to arts and entertainment. Appears every Thursday.

- Neighbors sections highlighting local news and events. They include Richmond County Neighbors (Thursdays), North Augusta Today (Wednesdays) and The Columbia County News-Times (Wednesdays and Sundays).


Notices of events should be submitted online or in writing (via e-mail, snail mail or FAX) three to four weeks prior to event for maximum publicity. Two weeks before event is also acceptable. Announcements should include:

- Name of event, and a brief description

- Date and time of event

- Location (name of facility or venue, and street address)

- Ticket prices

- A phone number and contact name for more information. Please indicate if this name and number may be published.



The Augusta Chronicle Newsroom

 P.O. Box 1928

Augusta, GA 30903-1928
Attention: Applause calendar, Neighbors calendar, etc.

Phone: 706-724-0851 or toll free  866-249-8223

Fax: (706) 722-7403



To have your event included in The Columbia County News-Times (Wednesdays and Sundays), send to:

Columbia County News Times Events Calendar

4272 Washington Road Ste 3B

Evans, GA 30809

Phone: (706) 868-1222

Fax: (706) 823-6062