Georgians want Jessica Colotl deported

Jessica Colotl speaks in Atlanta on May 14
Jessica Colotl
Jessica Colotl, a 21-year-old college senior and illegal immigrant, talks to reporters in Atlanta on Friday, May 14, 2010. Colotl was arrested about six weeks ago for driving without a license and was turned over to immigration authorities. Immigration authorities released her last week and deferred action on her case for a year, giving her time to complete her studies. The sheriff in Cobb County, Ga., issued a new warrant for her arrest Wednesday, saying she lied about her address after her initial arrest. Colotl turned herself in Friday morning and was released on $2,500 bond.

ATLANTA -- Most Georgia voters who know about the unfolding story of Kennesaw State University student Jessica Colotl want the illegal alien deported to her native Mexico, a new poll shows.
The poll conducted by InsiderAdvantage for Atlanta's WSB-TV found 46 percent of those questioned were aware of the story and support her deportation while only 16 percent who were aware did not want her sent out of the country. A sizable 38 percent were not aware of the story and have no opinion.
The poll was conducted Monday and has a margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent. The data was weighted for age, race, gender and political affiliation.
Colotl has become national news, all the more because her story has cropped up right when America is debating the issue of illegal immigration in connection with a new law passed in Arizona that allows police to question anyone believed to be in the country illegally.
Colotl was arrested in March in Georgia for driving without a license. Immigration officials later placed her in a detention center in Alabama. She was released after much effort on her behalf by school officials, sorority sisters and others at Kennesaw. Now federal officials say they won't pursue her case until after she completes her college studies.
But Cobb County law enforcement officials have obtained a warrant for Colotl's arrest. Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren said she lied about her address when she was originally booked into jail, a felony in Georgia. So her legal problems continue, and her career at Kennesaw may still be in jeopardy.
Most Georgians aren't sympathizing with her.
Significantly, opposition to Colotl staying in America isn't coming predominantly from the political right. While 46 percent of all Georgia voters support deportation, the number swells to 67 percent among voters who label themselves as independents.
The view of independents may tell may reveal feelings about the political landscape, according to the pollster, Matt Towery, CEO of InsiderAdvantage.
"The poll indicates that independent voters are more upset about issues such as illegal immigration than are established Republican voters," he said. "... It also suggests that GOP primaries may be filled with voters who do not describe themselves as Republicans but who may be moving to the more conservative side of issues."



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