Some Columbia County car owners get refunds

More than 1,100 Columbia County motorists can expect to receive a small tax refund.
The state Department of Revenue recently determined that a new law imposing a three-year moratorium on higher assessments of property values also applies to the value of vehicles.
However, motor vehicle applications already had been sent this month and January before the determination was made.
So those who paid more on their vehicles' taxes during those months due to a higher assessment now are entitled to a refund, according to a letter dated today from Columbia County Tax Commissioner Kay Allen.
"There are over 1,100 refunds for Columbia County ranging from 27 cents to $72," Allen wrote in the letter. "My normal policy is to not refund anything that is less than $5. ... In this case, however, where the action is an error on the part of government, I have chosen to send refunds to all who are due one regardless of the amount."
Those with questions regarding the refunds should call the county's Motor Vehicle Division at (706) 868-6884.

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