Scott's widow chosen to serve out his term

Patsy Scott will be able to continue her husband's efforts.


Mrs. Scott, 67, a retired nurse and widow of District 5 Richmond County school board trustee Joe Scott, won his seat Tuesday night by a large margin against 32-year-old professional counselor Aishia Leverett and 64-year-old property manager and associate minister James Williams Jr.

Mrs. Scott will complete her husband's term through Dec. 31, 2012.

"It's a great win," Mrs. Scott said shortly after receiving cheers at a celebration at Comfort Inn on Gordon Highway. "I just want to focus on getting our kids educated. That's what my husband was about."

Mrs. Scott won with 1,224 votes, or 61 percent, to Ms. Leverett's 603 votes, or 30 percent, and Mr. Williams' 161 votes, or 8 percent. There were three write-in votes.

Sixteen percent of the district's 12,403 registered voters cast ballots in the race.

Mrs. Scott, who led in campaign contributions, campaigned on continuing the tradition of her husband, who died in July, while ensuring that students have access to needed resources, keeping parents informed of issues and supporting good pay for teachers.

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District 5 School boardLeverettScottWilliams
501 Burns Memorial United Methodist Church, 2372 Lumpkin Road5813219
502 Trinity CME Church, 2930 Glen Hills Drive5274
503 Henry Brigham Community Center, 2463 Golden Camp Road17346744
504 Aquatics Center, 3157 Damascus Road7611921
505 New Life Worship Center, 3550 Morgan Road828021
506 Trinity CME Church, 2930 Glenn Hills Drive15732036
507 Minnick Park, 1850 Kissingbower Road24386
508 Bayvale Baptist Church, 2240 Bayvale Road19256
509 Bayvale Baptist Church, 2240 Bayvale Road9164
TOTALS603 (30%)1,224 (61%)161 (8%)