Post office landscape being improved

Gnome note: For reasons out of the Gnome's control, this week's planned topic will have to wait for another day, perhaps one that will be sunny. For those who need a gardening fix as much as I do during these dreary days, I asked master gardener 2009 classmate Suzanne Thomas to tell you about her latest gardening project:


If you have been by the Martinez post office recently, you might have noticed some changes in the landscape.

Parking lot islands now have pine straw-covered plantings with some color showing. Red and pink knockout roses in the south island and yellow lantana in the north island are changing the post office's landscape. Look for more color in late winter and early spring when daffodils, forsythia, and azaleas bloom.

In this urban environment, trees take on roles that enhance our well-being. Shade from mature trees is precious on summer days. Flowers, greenery and fall color add beauty to the environment.

Carbon sequestration improves the air. Trees and plants help to convert an urban landscape into a greenscape.

The Bradford pear trees that have been there for many years are gradually dying. Two have been removed this year. In an effort to save these beautiful trees, Robert Temenek, the owner of Stallion Tree Professionals, has agreed to trim them back as a community service.

In December, five Georgia master gardeners who are the Friends of the Martinez Post Office planted 11 trees to eventually replace and supplement the Bradford pears.

Trees were planted in front of and beside the post office building. Four ginkgo trees will go in during the last week of January.

Plants, shrubs, and mulch have been contributed for the project by Green Thumb West Nursery and the Georgia Forestry Service. Many items have been contributed by members of the group, including day lilies , liriope, forsythia, lantana, ornamental grass, daffodils and pine straw mulch. But the most important contributions have been the hours of service by Floride Dickert, Marilyn Donnan, Jessye Corona, David Thomas and Suzanne Thomas.

Master gardeners provide volunteer services for public or private nonprofit gardening projects in the community.

Requests for volunteer services may be made through the Richmond County-UGA Extension Service.

Suzanne Thomas, master gardener

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