Bill Adams cultivated friendships

Bill Adams

Bill Adams was a friend, coach and the master gardener of Georgia and South Carolina. Unfortunately, he died Sunday when he was struck by a car while working in his yard.


Valerie Martin, a master gardener and Richmond County Extension Service secretary, said Bill always said when his time came, he wanted to be in his garden.

Although 72 years might seem like a long life, it was way too short for Bill. After giving so much to so many, he should have had many more years to garden, to teach and to share.

This Garden Gnome is dedicated to our friend. Below are some memories from posters at the Garden Gnome blog:

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I will miss Bill. When I think about him I think about gardening. It was his passion. He knew a lot about plants and gardening in the South and shared his knowledge with everyone. He was a gardening advocate and seemed to participate in every gardening event and activity. He was much too young to be taken from us so early. I hope Bill has a hoe and rake in hand is working in a beautiful heavenly garden and is at peace.

-- Submitted by baratto

I live down the street from Mr. Adams. Every day when I go by his home I have to smile and give thanks for the beauty his garden brings to our neighborhood. His yard is a masterpiece that will live on as a testament to his talent and his love. He never forgot to smile and wave as we went by, and our family will miss his presence greatly. My heart goes out to his wife and family. They are in our prayers.

-- Submitted by morrime1

Words cannot express the profound loss of Bill Adams. He was such a rare man ... a rose among thorns. He freely shared his love of gardening through his knowledge and his bounty. Our master gardener is now with THE MASTER GARDENER!

-- Submitted by southernmagnolia

The epitome of patience and tenacity, Bill knew no strangers and had a most giving spirit. Did he ever forget ANYTHING? I will miss his mischievous expression and his plant-rescue techniques.

-- Submitted by MarshaS

Bill was a wonderful friend to all of the Georgia master gardeners, whether they knew him or not. He always had a kind word of encouragement and was a huge proponent of the Master Gardener program and Cooperative Extension.

I'll miss his e-mails of thanks and holiday wishes -- whatever the holiday was. He was one of a kind and will be missed.

-- Submitted by kslagle

Bill was a superbly accomplished and knowledgeable gardener, but his primary gift was his enthusiasm and willingness to share his vast knowledge and abundant plants. "Giving away plants is what it all means to me," he said. "Root 'em, grow 'em and give 'em to others so we can all enjoy God's wonders."

Bill Adams leaves behind a legacy of friendship, laughter, excitement for life, and genuine love for all of the people he touched during his life.

-- Submitted by

...Bill Adams was my uncle, and as I've thought about him over the past couple of days, one thing has remained constant: I can hardly ever remember him being inside!...

Although as a child I didn't necessarily appreciate the work that went into the beauty of his yard, I now realize what immense passion and talent he had. I'm so grateful that he was among the few that truly find their passion and nurture it, not just for themselves but because of the joy it brings others.

-- Submitted by jodiogden


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