Garden Gnome: Take time to see Allgood gardens

Terri and Lyn Allgood’s Milledge Road home sits far enough back from the street that unless you knew it was there, you would miss the lovely historic home and gardens.


Fortunately for us, the Allgoods’ home is one of the featured gardens on tour during the Sacred Heart Garden Festival this year, April 27 to 29.

A clever hedge and ornamental bed fronts the street and provides shelter and holly berries for all the birds who visit. At first glace, you might mistake it for just an ordinary straight hedge, but look at the design and you’ll see the curve and swirl that is garden designer Jeff Tilden’s signature.

It’s a beautiful view once you enter the gate or drive. There’s a massive lawn that begs for weekend games. The view of the stately home – once owned by the city’s first mayor, Tom Cumming – is framed by huge, old oak tree on one side and a large curved bed of flowering ornamentals and trees such as crepe myrtle, cherry and tulip on the other.

You can follow the drive of pea gravel to find the flower show in back, where Tilden has worked with the Allgoods for several years to create a visual feast of flowers, ornamentals and vegetables along paths built out of various materials.

Don’t miss the row of hollies interspersed with panels covered with hybrid musk roses, crossvine and clematis. There are spring bulbs, foxgloves, larkspur and hybrid and oriental lilies. You’ll see evenly spaced stepping stones because: “No feets in the bed is the primary rule,” Tilden says.

There are plenty of shady areas in the back thanks to another giant oak. They are planted with hostas and camellias and other shade-lovers.

The Allgoods added a new planting bed next to the property’s original smoke house. Tilden changed the area from a large slope to a flat, smooth bed of flowers and vegetables. In between the smoke house and cottage is the planting-bench area.

There’s a back boarder of evergreens that creates a private little garden area that will be perfect for the Allgoods’ granddaughter, Lily.

She will have an olive tree and dogwood for shade.

Give yourself plenty of time to see it all.


Because of a reporter’s error, the name of the first mayor of Augusta, Tom Cum­ming, was misspelled in a garden article April 13.

The Chronicle regrets the error.



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