Classic open championships



2012 Smoother Than A Cat (223) Jerry Bailey Steve Oehlhof

2011 Dees Mr Charles (228) Edley Hixson Sam Shepard

2010 Playin At The Mall (222.5) Gene Quirk Austin Shepard

2009 Grandpaws Playgirl (223) Leon Lewis Brett Davis


2008 Copaspepto (221.5) Marvine Ranch LLC Tag Rice

2007 Woody Be Tuff (226) Lana Jill Peacock Austin Shepard

2006 One Time Pepto (229) Matthews Cutting Horses LLC Matt Gaines

2005 Just Playin Smart (223) Brazos Bend Ranch Faron Hightower

2004 Chiquita Pistol (227) Wallace Dorman Tag Rice

2003 Nu I Wood (223) Crystal Creek Ranch Matt Gaines

2002 Purdy Aristocrat (223.5) Jack and Susan Waggoner Sean Flynn

2001 Cool Little Feet (220) H.B. and Deborah Kelley Bartlett Faron Hightower

2000 Smart Lookin Hi Brow (221) Tom Wiens Lloyd Cox

1999 Little Belly Dancer (223) Lannie and Louise Mecom Lloyd Cox

1998 Smart Little Jerry (222) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Phil Rapp

1997 Moms Stylish Laddie (219) Charles Drummond Terry Riddle

1996 Bob Acre Lena (223) Bobby Moses Faron Hightower

1995 Little Badger Dulce (227) Lonnie and Barbara Allsup Pete Branch

1994 Lenas Playgirl (225.5) Lonnie and Barbara Allsup Pete Branch

1993 High Brow Cat (221.5) Jack Waggoner Faron Hightower

1992 Hickorys Bar Tivio (221.5) Lonnie Allsup Pete Branch

1991 Clays Little Peppy (222.5) Smokey Garrett Greg Welch

1990 Dual Pep (224) Dogwood Farms Pat Earnheart

1989 Docs Stylish Oak (221.5) Charles Drummond Terry Riddle

1988 Poco Quixote Rio (224) Fares Ranch Bill Riddle

1987 Playboys Foxy Gal (224) Jim Milner Greg Welch

1986 Doctorwood (220.5) Larry Jeffries Bill Glass

1985 Angelynx (221) Mickey Murry Pete Branch



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Futurity Open Finals

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