All-Time Champions

Phil Rapp82007 Futurity Open, 2002 Futurity Open, 2000 Futurity Non-Pro, 1999 Classic Non-Pro, 1998 Classic Non-Pro, 1998 Classic Open, 1994 Futurity Non-Pro, 1991 Futurity Non-Pro
Faron Hightower52005 Classic Open, 2001 Futurity Open, 2001 Classic Open, 1996 Classic Open, 1993 Classic Open
Tag Rice52008 Classic Open, 2006 Western Horseman Cup Open, 2004 Western Horseman Cup Open, 2004 Classic Open, 2003 Futurity Open
Pete Branch41995 Classic Open, 1994 Classic Open, 1992 Classic Open, 1986 Classic Open
Terry Riddle41997 Classic Open, 1989 Classic Open, 1986 Futurity Open, 1981 Futurity Open
Lloyd Cox32000 Classic Open, 2000 Futurity Open, 1999 Futurity Open
Kobie Wood31994 America's Greatest Cowboy, 1992 America's Greatest Cowboy, 1990 America's Greatest Cowboy
H.B. Bartlett32000 $50,000 Amateur 4-year-old, 2000 $50,000 Amateur 5/6-year-old, 1999 $20,000 Amateur
Buster Welch31988 Futurity Open, 1987 Futurity Open, 1983 Futurity Open
Tommy Manion31997 Classic Non-Pro, 1995 Futurity Non-Pro, 1992 Classic Non-Pro
Ronnie Rice31999 America's Greatest Cowboy, 1991 America's Greatest Cowboy, 1990 Futurity Open
Skip Queen32007 Classic Non-Pro, 2002 Classic Non-Pro, 1999 $50,000 Amateur 4-year-old
Elizabeth Queen22008 Futurity Non-Pro, 1998 Futurity Non-Pro
Austin Shepard22008 Futurity Open, 2007 Classic Open
Matt Gaines22006 Classic Open, 2003 Classic Open
Matt Miller22008 Classic Non-Pro, 2006 Futurity Non-Pro
Rachel Johnson2$100,000 Non-Pro Any Age, 2003 $50,000 Amateur Any Age
Glade Knight22001 $50,000 Amateur 5/6-year-old, 2001 $50,000 Amateur 4-year-old
Seth Wooten22000 $20,000 Amateur, 2000 $5,000 Non-Pro
Wilbert Roller22000 $50,000 Amateur Any Age, 1990 Amateur 4-year-old
Bill Freeman21998 Futurity Open, 1995 Futurity Open
Larry Reeder21985 Futurity Open, 1984 Futurity Open
Greg Welch21991 Classic Open, 1987 Classic Open
Bill Riddle21991 Classic Open, 1988 Futurity Open
Pat Earnheart21990 Classic Open, 1980 Futurity Open
Sumer Hightower21990 Non-Pro Shootout, 1988 Futurity Non-Pro
Judy Venezia21992 $50,000 Amateur, 1991 Amateur Any Age
Julie Roddy21991 Classic Non-Pro, 1991 Non-Pro Shootout
Billy Parker21989 Classic Non-Pro, 1989 Amateur Any Age
Norman Bruce21993 Non-Pro Shootout, 1990 Classic Non-Pro
Helen Groves21995 Classic Non-Pro, 1993 Futurity Non-Pro
Jason Surles21995 Amateur 4-year-old, 1995 $50,000 Amateur
Jody Galyean21996 Futurity Open, 1989 Futurity Open
Mary Ann Rapp22003 Futurity Non-Pro, 2003 Futurity Non-Pro
Billy Martin21997 Futurity Non-Pro, 1993 Classic Non-Pro
Steven Feiner22003 $50,000 Amateur 5/6-year-old, 1999 $50,000 Amateur 4-year-old
Jim Vangilder22005 Futurity Non-Pro, 2004 Classic Non-Pro
William S. Morris III22005 $50,000 Amateur 5/6-year-old, 1993 $50,000 Amateur
Paul Hansma22007 Western Horseman Cup Open, 1994 Futurity Open
Nicole Aldridge22007 $100,000 Amateur 5/6-year-old, 2006 $50,000 Amateur Any Age
Adam Koontz22007 $50,000 Amateur Any Age, 2002 $50,000 Amateur 4-year-old



Bowman, Shepard continue to make their marks at Augusta Futurity

The 37th edition of the Augusta Futurity featured much of the same as far as recent trends go.

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Saturday's Futurity results

Futurity Open Finals

Results are listed by score, rider, rider’s hometown, horse, and money

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