Futurity Open Finals results

Results are listed by score, rider, rider's hometown, horse, and money


220.0: Phil Rapp, Weatherford, TX, My Guy Rey, $24,901

218.5: Sam Shepard, Magnolia Springs, AL, Playful Ricochet, $16,600

217.0: Lloyd Cox, Fort Morgan, CO, Bitty Little Lena, $14,110

216.5: Gary Ray, Throckmorton, TX, Dual Madera, $12,450

216.0: Boyd Rice, Spearman, TX, Playin Pistol, $11,205

216.0: Clint Allen, Weatherford, TX, Wood I Never, $11,205

215.5: Tommy Marvin, Barnsdall, OK, Gingers Spice Cat, $9,960

215.0: Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Ginas Cat, $9,130

214.5: Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Bingos Mate, $8,300

213.0: Mike Graham, Bluffton, SC, Dulces Smart Oak, $7,470

212.0: Clint Allen, Weatherford, TX, CD Graceful Dual, $6,225

212.0: J B McLamb, Weatherford, TX, Boony Playboy, $6,225

210.0: Steve Ginn, Turkey, NC, Stylish Wood 003, $4,980

209.0: Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, San Tule Uno, $3,320

203.0: Tommy Marvin, Barnsdall, OK, Catacre, $2,988

197.0: Neil Roger, Burleson, TX, Smart Little Handful, $2,780

197.0: Jody Galyean, Marietta, OK, Chic Ka Ching Chic, $2,780

195.0: Jody Galyean, Marietta, OK, Myles From Nowhere, $2,573

193.0: Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, Smart Lil Paragon, $2,407

190.0: Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Oh Cay To Smoke, $2,241

180.0: Grant Simon, Bearden, AR, Justa Lil Freck, $2,075

180.0: Boyd Rice, Spearman, TX, Very Special Cat, $2,075

TOTAL: $166,000



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Futurity Open Finals

Results are listed by score, rider, rider’s hometown, horse, and money

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