Futurity Open Champions

2006Pet Squirrel (220)James VangilderRoger Wagner
2005Play Stocks (224)Slate River RanchMichelle Hall
2004Aristo Katz (224.5)Jack and Susan WaggonerClint Allen
2003Chiquita Pistol (230.5)Wallace DormanTag Rice
2002Dulces Smart Lena (223)Dulces Smart Lena SyndicatePhil Rapp
2001Pretty Boy Cat (221)Jack and Susan WaggonerFaron Hightower
2000Sunolena Barrachone (221.5)John and Doris CrumpLloyd Cox
1999Playin Stylish (222)R.E. MerrittKathy Daughn
1998Autumn Boon DNA (223)Bill and Karen FreemanBill Freeman
1997Flips Lil Angel (220)John HicksLeon Harrel
1996Playgun (222)Dick PieperJody Galyean
1995Smart Aristocrat (221) Jack WaggonerBill Freeman
1994Hicapoo (221)Jim and Mary Jo MilnerPaul Hansma
1993Haidas Dude Ranches (222)Silverbrook RanchesRodney Schumann
1992Playboy Dan (217.5)Skip and Gai HamiltonBarbra Schulte
1991Peppy Docs Mimosa (218.5)Mike WinkeBill Riddle
1990Pop A Top Pep (223)Stephen and Andre BergeronRonnie Rice
1989Sunettea Playgirl (221.5)Joe AyresJody Galyean
1988Imari Tari (225)Silverbrook RanchesBuster Welch
1987Lil Peppys Lena (221)Silverbrook RanchesBuster Welch
1986 Playboys Madera (221.5)Marion FlyntTerry Riddle
1985Lynx Star Lady (219.5)Larry and Ellen ReederLarry Reeder
1984Royal Blue Boon (220.5)Hall and HambrickLarry Reeder
1983Peppymint Twist (221)Marion Flynt Buster Welch
1982Tari Lynnea (223.5) Dick GainesDick Gaines
1981Freckles Hustler (222.5)Marion Flynt Terry Riddle
1980 Pure Tari (220)Bob ClosePat Earnheart



Bowman, Shepard continue to make their marks at Augusta Futurity

The 37th edition of the Augusta Futurity featured much of the same as far as recent trends go.

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Saturday's Futurity results

Futurity Open Finals

Results are listed by score, rider, rider’s hometown, horse, and money

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