The Eating Down the Fridge Challenge

I have been following Kim O'Donnel, a Washington Post food writer, on the Internet ( for some time now. Ms. O'Donnel in March posted a challenge to her readers to try to eat down the contents of their refrigerators, freezers and pantries before hitting the supermarket for mindless grocery shopping.


The challenge proved popular, and Ms. O'Donnel has decided to make it a quarterly challenge. The next challenge will be Monday through June 28.

I contacted Ms. O'Donnel recently because I thought readers would be interested in the challenge, and we are on board to join in. I'll be blogging about my experience that week at Ms. O'Donnel has asked me to be a blogger on her Web site one day that week.

The challenge is a way to use what you have, avoid food waste and save money. In addition, it will be fun to see what you can come up with using what you have.

If you would like to participate in the challenge, send me an e-mail ( by Friday, and I'll add you to the list of participants. You can also post your menus or seek ideas from other readers during the challenge at the blog.

You also can join other Eating Down the Fridge challengers on Facebook, where Ms. O'Donnel has set up discussion boards, and you can post on the challenge wall. Just do a search on A Mighty Appetite's Eating Down the Fridge.

The challenge is not meant to be too rigorous, and you can participate at whatever level you choose. If you have guests coming to town that weekend, participate during the week. If you run out of milk, by all means head to the store. The point is to take stock and be mindful of what you have, so feel free to stock up on perishable items before the challenge.