More Than Skin Deep: Stay home if you're sick

Even when they’re sick, they want their hair and nails done. They want a massage because it will help make them feel better.


These are the people who spread colds and flu. Even though they don’t mean to, they make us sick.

The close contact our industry puts us in with people leaves us susceptible to illness. No matter how careful we try to be, we are going to catch their colds.

It’s difficult for anyone in a service-related business to stay home from work. So the misery of the cold is then passed on. A snowball effect happens, spreading the viruses all over the place.

People in the service industry want nothing more than to please their clients. They will bend over backward to accommodate them. They will even provide service to clients when they are obviously contagious rather than hurt anyone’s feelings by asking them to go away. But inevitably, everyone ends up sick.

Anyone coughing in a salon environment is infecting the person who is working on them. The germs linger in the air for everyone who enters the building the rest of the day. Disinfectants are to no avail.

The new method of coughing into the sleeve cannot possibly work unless the germs somehow magically disappear upon contact with fabric that is covering the cougher’s arm. Touch can spread the infection as readily as the airborne particles created by coughing.

Until someone finds a way to make a robot that can do our jobs, people in the service business are just that – people. Our lives don’t always go as planned, we make mistakes – and we also get sick.

This is said to be one of the worst flu seasons ever. There are hospitals setting up tents outside buildings to accommodate the overflow already. The news looks like many of the end-of the-world movies I have seen.

The comforting words “I hope you don’t catch my cold” are no help at all. If you feel like you are sick, then you probably are, and you could be contagious. The only way to stop a problem is to tackle it at the source. Please stay home until you get better.

Same-day cancellations are acceptable and appreciated.

Dear Scott: Does going outside in the cold weather with wet hair make you sick?

Answer: Reports claim that this is a myth. But if your immune system is down already and you get a chill from wet hair or wet clothes, your immune system might become even more compromised.

The wet hair did not directly cause the cold or flu, but it could be a secondary reason for catching a cold. Although this goes against every news report you will see, because of the chill factor, I stand behind all of you who believe that going out with wet hair can make you sick. I personally go outside with wet hair all the time without any problems.





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