More Than Skin Deep: Dealing with chemotherapy

Dear Scott: I am going to have chemotherapy and wanted to know if my hair would fall out. If it does, where can I find a wig that looks real?


Answer: Your doctor should be able to tell you if you if you will lose your hair. In some cases the doctor will tell you that you may, or may not. It is a good idea to have a wig handy just in case. It is best to shop for one before you begin the treatments and be prepared. There is a wig store in downtown Aiken that has a big selection. If you don’t find anything there, Downtown Augusta has several wig stores with very nice selections of believable wigs. Most of the stores are geared towards African Americans who have been wearing wigs for the fun of it for decades and have mastered the art of realistic hair wigs. The wigs even have different color variations, with highlights, and fun haircuts. But no matter what ethnic group you belong to, you will be able to find something you will love. The cost is very reasonable also. I have seen extremely well done wigs for $95. Stay away from online shopping. You really need to see the quality, and try them on before you buy.

Dear Scott: Will my hair grow back after chemo?

Answer: Yes! In most cases, it grows back grey, but thicker than ever! Don’t worry; I have a little something that will get rid of that grey for you.

Dear Scott: I don’t think I can stand to wear a wig. What else can I do if my hair falls out?

Answer: A scarf or a hat is a good option, but you will be surprised at how the wigs are made now. They are very lightweight so that the scalp can breathe. Go ahead and buy one in case you want it later. The good news is, more and more women are being brave, saying to heck with it, and going commando.

Dear Scott: I have really long hair and have been told that I will lose it during chemotherapy. Do you have any suggestions? I am terrified.

Answer: You might want to get a short haircut to make the loss seem less devastating. When long hair falls out, it get’s everywhere and makes the whole process seem even worse.

Thank you to the readers of my column. It amazes me that people are calling me a writer. I am just a hairdresser with a passion for people and for being creative. My appreciation of such a positive response to this new endeavor, is beyond my capabilities as a writer to put in print.

Tip of the week: Being a compassionate person makes the world a better place to live in for everyone, including you.

Scott Terwilliger, an Aiken salon owner and master stylist, can be reached at



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