More Than Skin Deep: Don't criticize hairstyle

Dear Scott: My girlfriend’s hair is awful. She gets a perm and colors her hair red. She looks like Little Orphan Annie. How do I tell her she needs to come see you and change her hairstyle?


Answer: Although I have a saying that “friends don’t let friends look ugly,” there are some people who seem to be able to blurt out their opinion about the way you look and there are others who actually have friends.

If you tell your friend that she looks like Annie and she doesn’t change her hairdo, every time you are with her she will be thinking, “She thinks I look like Little Orphan Annie.” Nothing good can come from this.

If your friend is comfortable with the way she looks, remember that you are friends with the person that lives inside and leave her alone about it. When she is ready to change her look, she will on her own.

Dear Scott: My hair looks like Bozo. It’s red and frizzy all the time. How do I tame this mess? I need a makeover!

Answer: I wonder what happened to Bozo. To start with, you might want to try changing the color of your hair so that it doesn’t resemble the clown. The color is a major factor if you want to get rid of that image in your head and on your head. If the curl is natural, read on. If it’s a perm, stop it.

Dear Scott: My hands and feet are very dry and rough. Is there something you can suggest that I can do at home to help? I have gone for paraffin wax treatments at the place I have my hair done and it doesn’t seem to help very much. It feels great when I have it done but it doesn’t last.

Answer: Shea butter is an excellent home remedy for the repair of severely dry or cracked hands, feet and elbows.

Dear Scott: I am thinking of having my hair straightened. It is long, coarse and nappy, and I hate it. Do you recommend the Brazilian Blowout? I saw it on Good Morning America and they said it was great. Do you do the Brazilian Blowout?

Answer: I do not. If you saw that show with Cathy Lee and Hoda recently it was a rerun, although I have heard them mention that they still love it. Since that original broadcast, there have been numerous reports of stylists and clients getting sick from the chemicals.

There are other keratin treatments available but I am still not sold on any of them. They are sensitive to salt and require special shampoo. Going to a swimming pool that uses a salt system, swimming in the ocean or even sweating from the gym can cause the hair to revert back.

Super-straight hair is a little boring anyway, leaving your options to a minimum. There are other products or cutting and finishing methods that can help you control the frizz.



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