More Than Skin Deep: Product relieves hurt hair

Hurty Hair Syndrome plagues women of all ages, races and religions. The symptoms can seem devastating: extreme dryness of the hair, breakage, lack of shine and luster.


But there is hope, with a product that can actually put a bandage over the cracks in your hair and keep it glued together so it won’t break. It deposits a plastic film over the hair for shine and strength, sort of like a plastic glove.

A polypeptide (the little DNA chain inside your hair shaped like a ladder) polymer (adhesive), it is a totally synthetic product. There is nothing natural about it. I guess that’s why it works. Designed for hair that has been “hurt” far too many times, it is also great for women who cannot grow their hair long because it keeps breaking off. You will have to venture into the salon to have it done, but it lasts up to eight weeks.

Q: Should I put mayonnaise on my hair to condition it?

A: Only if you are going to make a sandwich or some type of fruit salad out of your head. The idea is that the egg in the mayonnaise is going to put protein into the hair, egg being protein, but it is about the same as taking an egg and cracking it on your head, thinking the protein is going to go into the hair.

The molecule is just too big. The protein made to condition hair is much smaller, allowing it to go into the cuticle layer. The main problem is keeping the protein in there. The reason the mayonnaise might seem to work is that the oil in the mayonnaise greases up the hair to make it feel a little better. The next time you wash it, though, the oil washes off, and it feels even worse because the oil has swollen the hair shaft. Yes, oil is bad.

Q: Does the flat iron hurt my hair?

A: Yes. Try to get a good one. You should expect to pay at least $70 for a decent one. But any kind of electric device that gets hot enough to burn your hands, including a blow dryer, is going to hurt your hair. You can’t let that stop you from using them, though, because most people have to do something to fix their hair. The sun, the wind, salt water at the beach, the chemicals in water, everything hurts your hair. That is why you should condition with something good, and not worry about it.

By the way, if your blow dryer is old, make sure fire isn’t shooting out of the end of it and burning your hair. This will actually happen when a blow dryer gets old.

Turn on your hair dryer and let it get hot. Then look inside the barrel while it’s running, and you will see the glowing filament. That thing will actually shoot a flame out of it when the blow dryer gets old, and you can’t see it unless you look in there.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Rinse your hair after conditioning with cold water to make it shine.



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