More Than Skin Deep: Makeup for your hair

How strange it must be to be able to paint on your face. To be able to erase a bad nights sleep and draw on your eyes to make them bigger and have color in your skin in the dead of winter and literally enhance every good feature you have while diminishing your less positive ones is pretty cool.


However it is something that women have complained about since the first powder-puff was invented. And how women manage to keep all that stuff on their face without it turning into a Picasso is amazing in itself, but it can make a significant difference in how a woman looks.

Does makeup matter? If you have any doubt in your mind as to whither or not it does, you will be shocked at the differences in the before and after photos of some of the celebrities.

A year or so ago on the Today show with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, there was a segment where the two of them came in to do the show without wearing any makeup in an attempt to discredit accusations of Kathy Lee having had plastic surgery. If you can find these photos it will to emphasize the apparent significance it can make.

One thing that stands out in the photographs, or if you view the video of this episode, is that they both have their hair done very nicely with color and style making the hair remarkably noticeable.

Hair color is makeup for the hair without the need of reapplying it on a daily basis like makeup for the face. Just as your face can be greatly enhanced by the application of a little eyeliner and some lipstick, so can your hair with a touch of highlighting here and there. The same way that foundation can change your complexion is the way that a stain of glaze can enhance your natural color or change it completely.

The practice of enhancing the color of the hair dates as far back as the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt, when Henna, derived from the Henna plant, was used to lighten the hair and color was added with the addition of certain types of berries.

Although much has changed in the course of time since then as far as the chemical properties and in the application of makeup and hair coloring, the basics are still surprisingly very much the same, as is the initial inspiration of enhancing the appearance at all.

Dear Scott: I am allergic to hair color. Is there a color line you could suggest for me?

Answer: If you have had an allergic reaction, I am surprised you would even want to try again, but I can understand why you would want to. Ask your doctor if odor is an issue. If it is not, and the allergic reaction is due to contact with the skin, color may be applied inside of aluminum foils, thereby containing the product inside of the foils. It is important that a qualified colorist is used to ensure that no product leak from the foils in the process.

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