Candidate Profile: DuBose Porter

ATLANTA - In 28 years in the General Assembly, DuBose Porter has never been afraid to buck the system - party be damned.


In 1992, Porter, a Democrat, made an inside-the-party run at unseating the much revered and sometimes feared speaker of the House, Tom Murphy of Bremen.

He lost the speaker's race. But he wound up working his way back into good graces and power, only to be relegated to be the voice of the Democratic minority after Republicans took control of the House of Representatives five years ago.

"I've stood up against the wrong thing, whether it was my party or theirs," Porter said, "and I survived it because it was for the right reasons."

Porter, 56, is now running for governor in the Democratic primary on July 20, in large part, he says, because of how Republicans at the Capitol have cut education.

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