Candidate Profile: David Poythress

ATLANTA - David Poythress is confident he will avoid a repeat of what happened in 1998.

That was when he lost in a six-way race in the Democratic primary for governor. He placed a distant third behind state Rep. Roy Barnes and Secretary of State Lewis Massey. Barnes went on to win the general election and become governor.

Now 66, a dogged Poythress is running for governor again. So is Barnes. Poythress is predicting he will force Barnes into a runoff this time and then win on Nov. 2.

But the odds are stacked against the retired three-star general, according to a recent poll. Released this month, the SurveyUSA poll shows Poythress will again place a distant third, this time with 5 percent of the vote, behind Barnes, 63 percent of the vote, and then Attorney General Thurbert Baker, 13 percent.

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