Savannah River announces teaching grants

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions announced teaching grants Tuesday for 117 Central Savannah River Area educators.

The Innovative Teaching Mini Grants Program recognizes and supports innovative teaching methods by funding projects that enhance elementary and middle school science, mathematics and technology programs directly impacting students in the classroom.

Educators from all CSRA public elementary and middle schools are eligible to apply for a Mini Grant in one of three categories: $500, $750 or $1,000.  The grants are designed to promote the delivery of math, science and technology curricula, while increasing educational opportunities for students in the CSRA.

A selection committee, comprised of SRS employees, reviewed 268 grant proposals submitted this year—without knowledge of the applicant or school—and selected 89 projects to collectively receive a total of $50,000 in funding. 

All applicants will be honored at a reception on Thursday at North Augusta Municipal Center.





Winners of $500 Grants

Patricia Sheldon, Ladybugs and Butterflies and Frogs! Oh My!, Aiken Elementary

Marianne Swearingen, All the World’s a Stage, Aiken Elementary

Mary Anne Kasraii, Hands-On-Money, Aiken Elementary

Jordan Ridings, Math Wizards, Aiken Elementary

Meagan Schilling, For Good Measure!, Aiken Elementary

Dawn Nuessle, Hooked on Science, Aiken Elementary School

Carla Kerrigan, “More ArchKIDecture”, Aiken Elementary

Leslie Martin Kirkland, “Nuts About Math”, Aiken Elementary

Kimberly Mitchell, It’s Solid Instruction, Aiken Elementary

April Gattis, Let’s Get Hands on with File Folder Games, Aiken Elementary

Debra Crowder, Insects!, Aiken Elementary

Erin Bradberry, Math Sense, Aiken Elementary

Cristie Caldwell, Making Algebra Child’s Play, Aiken Elementary

Stephanie Camp, Amateur Architects, Aiken Elementary

Lucinda Battisto, “Reading across the Globe”, Aiken Elementary

Amanda Auvenshine, Math Food for Thought, Aiken Elementary

Jennifer Coffey, Plant a Seed...Then What?, Aiken Middle

Margaret Brown, “Mysteries of Flight”, Aiken Middle

Pamela Guess, “Nature’s Ark to Zoo Boat”, Barnwell Primary

Heather Shuler, Making Learning Fun for First Graders through Work Stations, Belvedere Elementary

Debbie Vaughn, “Nutty Professor”, Belvedere Elementary

Patricia Barrett, “Rockin’ Geologists”, Cedar Ridge Elementary

Holly Palmer, SPARK - Science Projects Aimed at Reaching Kids, Chukker Creek Elementary

Stephanie Curtis, A MATTER OF CHOCOLATE, Chukker Creek Elementary

Ann Wade, Leaping and Learning with Frogs, Clearwater Elementary

Melinda Zipf, Butterfly Sleuths, Douglas Elementary

Nancy Majors Carole Ayers, Karrie Cooper and Wendi Davis, Building a Classroom Economy”, Evans Elementary

Kristie Marchman, Study Island, Evans Elementary

Jennifer Olsen, That’s a Wrap, Gloverville Elementary

Kimberly Griffis, Our Planet Beneath the Water, Gloverville Elementary

Janice Jackson, April Klugh and Roberta Burkhart, Discovery Kits for Math and Science, Gloverville Elementary

Susan Weiksner and Martha Perry, Composting 101, Greenbrier Middle

George  Snider, Surf Tsunami, Guinyard-Butler Middle

Juliana Head and Tamara Butler, Measure Up, Hammond Hill Elementary

Nan Hall, We’ve Got Game, Hammond Hill Elementary

Jan Boulineau, Dancing the Electric Slide, Hammond Hill Elementary

Christine Witt, Get Into Ship Shape with Geometry, Hammond Hill Elementary

Jessica Wilkerson, Electricity Kit, J. D. Lever Elementary

Phyllis Jones, I’ve Got the Power!, J. D. Lever Elementary

Dell Behhardt, Whitten Chavis, Ryan Key and Lacye McGlocklin, Project AIMS (Activities to Integrate Mathematics and Science), J. D. Lever Elementary

Nancy Courtney, Angela Canepa, Julie Corbett, Margaret Green and Stacie Sidwell, Math: F.R.O.G (Fun Reaching Our Goals), J. D. Lever Elementary

Sarah Walton, April Leischner, Amy Swanson and Lisa Davis, Leap into Math Power, J. D. Lever Elementary

Ellen Cotton, Digging for Data, Jefferson Elementary

Lyanne Haislip, Throw a Touchdown PASS! (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards), Kennedy Middle

Elizabeth Toole, A DEEP Water Conservation Project, Langford Middle

Rewa Milton, I See and I Understand, Merriwether Middle

Karey Santos, Paul Revere Needs a Bright Idea, Millbrook Elementary

Lisa Montgomery, Cruisin’ to Geometry City, Millbrook Elementary

Julie Coleman, FILL IN THE BOX, Millbrook Elementary

Melanie Royster, Hickory Dickory Dock, How Much is That Clock, Millbrook Elementary

Marie Hughes, Math 4 All, Millbrook Elementary

Michael Terry, Wii Love Learning: Using Gaming Technology to Engage Students, Millbrook Elementary

Margaret Ellen Hamman, Math and Literature Make a Pair!, Millbrook Elementary

April Layfield, You Light Up My World!, Millbrook Elementary

Jennifer Melton, 4K Family Farm, Millbrook Elementary

Andrea Overcash, And the Birds Have It, Millbrook Elementary

Michele Waters, NCTM: Nifty Centers Teaching Math, Millbrook Elementary

David Brinkley, Kinect to Fitness, Millbrook Elementary

Laura Christenbury, You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tune-a-Fish - Sounds in Air and Water, Millbrook Elementary

Agnes Hobson, Science is Dramatic, Millbrook Elementary

Debra Rood and Deborah Wallace, Catapulting Students to Success, New Ellenton Middle

Mary Johnson, Looking into the Woods Around Us, New Ellenton Middle

Alice Blair, “Capturing Light”, New Ellenton Middle

Kathy Mathis, It’s All Physical Science, North Aiken Elementary

Benjamin Green, S.R.N.S (Students RADICALLY eNgaged in Science!), North Aiken Elementary

Betty Ferguson, “Rockin’ Rockets”, North Augusta Middle

Toni Boltin, Shadie Barber, Julie Ferrara and Jesse Hall, Crack the Code, Oakwood-Windsor Elementary

Ruth Masella, Teaching Math and Science with a 3-D Document Camera, River Ridge Elementary

Amy Wilhelm, “Seeing the Light!”, W. E. Parker Elementary

Laura Jolly, “Building a Biome!”, W. E. Parker Elementary

Genna Covar, “Splish, Splash!”, W. E. Parker Elementary

Sharon Stevens, “Listen My Children and You Shall Hear!”, W. E. Parker Elementary

Pam Moore, “Feel the Force!”,  W. E. Parker Elementary

Faye Speight, Thumbs Up, W. E. Parker Elementary

Nancy Croft, “I’ve Got Your Angle!”, Warrenville Elementary


Winners of $750 Grants

Cynthia DeFillips, Calming the Volcano Inside - Anger Management, Aiken Elementary

Margaret Fussell, Germs vs Students, Aiken Middle

Debbie McCain, L.I.F.E, Merriwether Middle

Adrianne Meyers, Chalise Herrera, Kayatria Jones, and Kristin Wells, Wild About Weather, North Aiken Elementary

Denise Barnhart and Cheryl Curtis, The Science of Sound, Oakwood-Windsor Elementary

Jennifer Rice, “Let the Good Times Roll!”, W. E. Parker Elementary


Winners of $1000 Grants

Jeanette Cox, Lite Tech Interventions, Barnwell Primary

Caroline Clay, Sherlyn Chapman, Theresa Casey and Esther Blake, Project G.R.O.S.S (Grade One Research on Science Standards), Chukker Creek Elementary

Jody Scott, Math in the Fast Lane/VOOM VOOM, Lewiston Elementary

Alicia  Miller, “HOT” Hands - On Science, Lewiston Elementary

Christina Snider, Building a Better Factory, Macedonia Elementary

Sonya Forker, Money and Measurement Mania, Millbrook Elementary

Bonnie McNeill, TEAMS: Technology Enriching Academically Motivated Students, New Ellenton Middle

Betty Smith, Starry, Starry Night, North Augusta Middle





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