Snake surprises teacher at Westside High School

It gave new meaning to show and tell in school.


On Monday, Westside High School math teacher Robert Davis found a snake on the floor a few feet inside his classroom, prompting him to call in the school's principal, who was walking by at the time and radioed for the maintenance department.

In seconds, several staff members came to the room; some teachers hesitantly leaned out from other classroom doors; and students in some other classes knew of the snake.

The foot-long gray and black snake was determined to be nonpoisonous, scooped up with a shovel and taken outside, where it was killed.

"If it's cold outside, they're going to find the warmest place they can," said Larry Chance, who responded with the school system's environmental department.

No students were in the class. A school system pest control officer who was called in said he would inspect the room to make sure another snake couldn't get in.

"That's never happened to me in 26 years," said Principal Debbie Alexander.

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