Build that border fence

Arizona passing the hat to fund what the feds stubbornly won't

Liberals have long pined for the day, as the old saw goes, when "the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy bombers."


Well, we're not there yet. But we're getting close.

Arizona is doing the equivalent of holding a bake sale to raise money to secure its share of the national border: The Grand Canyon state has put up a website asking for at least $50 million in donations to build a border fence, since the Obama administration has no intent to do so.

Yet, as the wantonly negligent federal government looks on with its impotent gaze, it nonetheless has found the energy to sue Arizona over its immigration law. So the feds won't protect the country, but will sue anyone who does. Just a little perverse.

It seems a tall order, but the symbolism is worth every penny: The sight of one of these United States having to pass the hat to raise money to do what we thought we were already paying the federal government to do.

But how beautifully American, for Americans to step into a vast leadership void and just get it done ourselves.

Americans already have contributed nearly $4 million to help Arizona fight the Obama administration in court over the state's immigration law. As the sponsor of the law authorizing the build-the-fence donations, state Sen. Steve Smith, notes, the $4 million for the court fight was essentially a gift to lawyers. Folks might even be more excited about contributing to the national security with a border fence.

Predictably, as the Associated Press reports, Democrats complain the build-a-fence effort is "a misguided and piecemeal approach to border and immigration issues that should be tackled more comprehensively."

By "comprehensively," what is meant is "doing nothing."

An immigrant-rights activist told the Associated Press, "We're just concerned this is playing politics with the border instead of trying to address border security seriously."

By addressing it "seriously," they mean "by doing nothing."

You know you've hit a raw nerve with the status-quo, open-borders crowd when they start pushing words like "comprehensive" and claiming that honest, grass-roots attempts to solve the border problem aren't "serious."

People have died and cross-border paths have been worn by drug and immigrant smugglers in dangerous and criminal and sometimes fatal illegal entries into what was supposed to be a law-abiding country. Our labor market has been flooded, millions of illegal aliens live in fear in the shadows -- not learning the language or otherwise assimilating while fearing officialdom -- and our streets continue to be poisoned by smuggled-in drugs. Tell us again how having open borders is über -compassionate.

It's the opposite.

We hope the Arizona fence gets funded and built and inspires other states to act in lieu of a federal government that has -- it's amazing to even type out -- grown hostile to U.S. interests.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:15

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