Defeat the spenders

Republicans are listening -- but must follow through to save budget

It has become excruciatingly clear. As long as Democrats are in power in Washington, this nation will slide blithely toward insolvency and ruin.


For reasons unknown to most Americans, but easily enough surmised -- principally union power lust and a constituency dedicated to living off of other people -- Democrats are genetically opposed to a balanced budget or even modest budget cuts. Seemingly, it's their Alamo. To the death for higher taxes!

Thus, the road to ruin continues. Moody's can say what it likes -- that we'll be OK if we just get rid of our debt limit -- but deciding that your borrowing has no limits does not make it sustainable or sensible. We're still flirting with disaster and saddling future generations with unprecedented debt, which is, if nothing else, wholly immoral.

Yet, Democrats want to continue down that path.

Oh, Mr. Obama and his minions say they want to tax the rich more -- but in truth, you could confiscate all their wealth and still not balance the books in Washington. And they would savage the economy in the attempt.

With his bully pulpit and the Senate on his side, Mr. Obama has been trying to demonize Republicans for -- get this! -- insisting on balancing the budget sometime in the future. The president says he'll nip that in the bud by vetoing the House GOP's "cut, cap, balance" that finally seeks sanity in the halls of power.

This is a sad scenario that could lead to tragedy. Obama and the Democrats have another year and a half to do damage to the economy and perhaps irreparable harm to the Union with the debt that is only beginning to bring the wrath of creditors down on us.

Historically, both major parties have conspired to spend us to oblivion. We lay particular blame at the Republicans' feet, for they professed to know better. Democrats never much made any bones about what they were.

But all that has changed as of last year -- first with the earthshaking ascension of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate seat once trademarked by Ted Kennedy, then by the November Tea Party revolution that had even Mr. Obama admitting a "shellacking" and succumbing to the wisdom of stable tax rates.

Now, the two sides have moved even further away from each other. Likely emboldened by a special congressional election upset win in New York earlier this year, Democrats are digging in their heels against spending cuts and for tax increases.

Meanwhile, Republicans have finally started listening -- not just to their constituents, but to reputable financial experts on either side of the ideological divide, who say the nation is headed for disaster unless the government gets its spending under control.

What a perverse place to be -- in which some of our leaders are made out by the president and his followers to be irresponsible for insisting on spending cuts and even a balanced budget years from now.

If that's truly considered wrongheaded, we really have lost.

It's clear what must happen. We absolutely must defeat the spenders in 2012 -- beginning with the Spender-in-Chief -- and then we must start the balanced budget amendment movement at the state level, as the U.S. Constitution provides. Article V of the founding document allows states to order it up and vote on it. Congress has no choice in the matter.

Those in power today in our nation's capital need to understand that power does not mean the same thing as control.