Who's fighting for women?

Inhumane treatment of women under Islam is beneath contempt

Perhaps the only downside to Osama bin Laden's killing was that it took the spotlight away from Lara Logan.


The same night as bin Laden's death, the CBS News correspondent went on the show 60 Minutes for her first and last interview on her violent sexual assault at the hands of a "jubilant" Egyptian mob celebrating the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

It's a shame, because the Logan story could've helped the world focus on the treatment of women under Islam -- although the mob was also fueled by anti-Semitism, and false claims that Logan was a Jew.

Not to worry -- stories of Muslim outrages toward women are sure to keep coming.

Take one of the latest, for example: It has now come out that, as one report says, Egyptian women at a March 9 protest were "beaten, given electric shocks, strip-searched, threatened with prostitution charges and forced to submit to virginity checks."

Adding outrage to insult is the Egyptian military's nonsensical reason for the virginity tests: An Egyptian military official explains that they didn't want the women to come back later and falsely claim they'd been sexually assaulted by the military.

So the women were sexually assaulted so they couldn't lie about having been sexually assaulted. Nice.

Even after the report broke, the Egyptian military official, unbelievably, defended the women's treatment by saying, "The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine." Why? Because they had the audacity to camp out for the protest with Egyptian males in the area.

"We wanted to prove that they weren't virgins in the first place," the official said.

Yes, and to prove that Egyptian troops didn't rape them. Apparently, in their eyes, it's not rape if the women have ever had sex before. But what else can you call coerced exams?

Examples of how inhumanely women are treated in many Islamic nations are legion -- and likely but the tip of a very, very ugly iceberg. We recommend reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as well as other books exposing the hideous treatment of women under Islam.

A Saudi woman was jailed for nearly 10 days recently for the heinous crime of driving a car. She was released only after promising to end her involvement in the Women2Drive campaign she helped initiate.

If this kind of oppression were aimed at, say, blacks rather than women, the world would rise up in righteous indignation -- as it did against South Africa.

How is the treatment of women under Islam in Africa, the Mideast and elsewhere any better, any more moral, than apartheid?

How many more women must be assaulted and wronged and treated like chattel before the world has had enough?



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